chapter 13

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Perfect revenge 4

I parked My car in front of a very huge beautiful building. Cyrus lives here?  I Walked to the front door before doing a little check up on my dress; I was wearing a knee length floral gown.

Pressing the doorbell, I shifted from one feet to another nervously.

The door pulled open, revealing a beautiful woman, she looked so young and vibrant, flawless hair, flawless skin... Whoa, this must be the mom. She smiled warmly at me... "You must be Emma! Come in." She opened the door wide, I smiled and went in..

"Um it's Emery ma'am." I corrected.

"Oh... I prefer Emma for short, I had this friend back in highschool whose name was Emery, I called her Emma till we parted ways... You can call me Melissa, or maybe Lisa or Lizzy. Whichever one makes you comfortable." She said as we walked down a not so long hallway to the sitting room. Okay this house was huge, the furnitures were superb, over to the grand chandelier that brought out the beauty of the house.

"Why don't you come with me to the dinning area, we're about to have breakfast." I nodded in response, placing my big goggles well on my face as I followed her to the dinning. "Have a sit Emma, I'll let Cyrus know that you're here." She gave me a heart warming smile before leaving the dinning.

I slipped comfortably into a chair, feeling really small. When my parents were alive, we made it our tradition to always have breakfast together, no matter what. Sighing, my mind wandered to the letter my dad's lawyer sent to me. I still wasn't able to bring myself to open it.

My brows came together when my fingers began tingle, my heart changed its rhythm, thumping faster and faster against my ribcage.

  I tried to calm down but I could feel the familiar energy rushing through my veins as it did the other night... Shit He's here. I closed my eyes and tried to Steady my breathing.

Feeling a presence behind me from where I sat, I turned quickly only to find a little girl of about six or seven, looking right at me with her brows together in confusion. "Hi." She said, walking towards the table and taking a sit beside me... The feeling intensified when she sat down... I tried so hard to remain calm.

"H-hey." I responded.

Without warning, she placed a palm on my shaky hands, and immediately, the tingling stopped. Everything I felt minutes ago was gone, I let out a breath of relief that I never knew I was holding... I looked at the girl, she looked so much like Melissa, so I figured this was Cyrus's sister.

"Calm down," her smile widened "I'm sorry for making you feel like that, my bad." She said

I stared at her as confusion flooded my brain. "D-did y-you feel that?" I whispered.

"Not really, I'm used to the feeling already. Henry helped me get over it and he's gonna help you too if you let him in." She looked into my eyes, it was like I was left in a trance or something.


I remember Mary saying something about Henry being the Devil's son, Henry's the one who's bonded to me, the one who tried to reach out to me that night, I know it. But how does this little girl know him? What is she talking about? Is she- was she bonded to him?

"I can tell you have a lot of questions running through your head... Henry's my friend, my tutor, I might add. He's like a brother to me, teaches me the dos and don'ts of magic. And he's going to teach you too, cause you're bonded to him and apart from that, you're special." She smiled, letting go of my palms slowly.. "He's not going to hurt you Emery, He just wants to reach out."

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