Chapter 17

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I sighed and plopped down onto my bed.

I had just gotten back from the very unexpected vegas trip and I was exhausted to say the most. It was currently almost Eight o'clock at night and I groaned, knowing I still had to get up and bathe to get ready to go into class tomorrow.

I got up, grabbing my overnight bag from the trip and pouring my clothes from the bag. I threw them into the dirty close hamper, grabbing my toiletries and bringing them into the bathroom with me.

I turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up. I thought back to everything that has happened in the last forty-eight hours. From seducing david, to dancing with him, to kissing him.

I wasn't expecting anything to happen the way things did.

When he yelled at me in front of everyone, It hurt. It hurt especially when he implied that I had cheated on my so called 'boyfriend'. I was also mad. So mad that he would kiss me back and then try to blame everything on me like I had planned it out or something.

I understand why he lashed out, or why he was scared in the first place. I had overheard him and Zane talking right outside the door.

It honestly broke my heart to hear him so vulnerable, so... broken.

I shook my head and undressed myself, quickly getting into the shower and getting under the warm streams of water coming from the shower head. I sighed, feeling refreshed instantly. I did my business and such. Scrubbing my body, washing my hair and shaving my underarms.

I turned the shower off, stepping out and wrapping a towel around my body, ringing my hair out into the sink and turning on the water.

I washed my face quickly and went into my room to get dressed. After getting dressed, I hung my towel up and walked out of my room down the stairs and into the living room. Una came sprinting to the couch where I sat.

She hopped up, quickly coming towards me and cuddling into my lap, giving my hand small little kisses.

I smiled and pet her. Turning the t.v. on, I returned to netflix. As the mysterious episode of Riverdale played, I dozed off. The soft blanket over my body and the comfort of my pup laying with me made me want to sleep.

Just as I was going to close my eyes, I heard the front door being unlocked and in walked Gabe.

"Salem! You're home!" He said walking up to me. He hugged me from over the couch, putting his weight on to my shoulders. "Yes! Im home!" I said happily. Gabe came around the couch and sat down next to me.

He hunched over, lying his head on my lap and spreading out on the couch.

Una got up and went over to Gabe. She quickly started licking his face, excited to see him. He chuckled and grabbed her. He placed her into his side, cuddling her so she would stop licking his face.

"Soooo... How was vegas?" Gae asked. I huffed and rolled my eyes. I really didn't want to talk about this, But it involves Gabe so it would be shitty of me to hid it from him.

"What's wrong?" He asked. I placed my hand on his head, playing with his hair. "David thought we were dating." I said. Gabe got up from his position and looked at me.

"Why did he think that? Did he not know Im gay?" He asked chuckling. I giggled. "No actually, He didn't even know you existed. It all came crashing down on him and he freaked out." I said. I looked down, Feeling bad.

"What did he do? How did he find out?" Gabe asked. He sat up straight, pulling his legs in and sitting criss cross. He pulled Una into his lap, waiting for me to answer.

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