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Rule Number Forty-Nine: Don't look so sad when someone tells you thier pregnant.

The bump on my stomach is small, but still unforgiving. The little human inside is growing like a weed and it's crazy to think it's been five months already. It's little kicks feel like butterflies in my stomach and the books I read tell me it's the size of a sweet potato.

Me and Tom agreed not to find out the sex of the baby because it didn't mean anything to us anyways.

The baby boutique I spend my morning in is intimidating. All the mother's here are older than I am. And I look as if I am a teen with a lot of money.

In my hands is a yellow jumper that states 0-3 months and its weird to wrap my head around the fact that this baby will be this big when I push it out.

That and it's incredibly small. Smaller than I remember GiGi being.

A mother with a huge bump and a fancy pram gives me a soft smile as she passes. This should've been an event that I asked my mother's help for.

But at this time I couldn't bother to be around her. The baby loved Frapps from Starbucks. Especially the whipped cream part and I'm sure if my mother saw me drink one she would have a fit.

Deciding on the yellow jumper, I went to purchase it. It was one thing, but it would help in the end.

I made my way to a Starbucks the knawing at my stomach driving me insane. The only Starbucks that was on this lonely street was one beside an old Chinese restaurant.

I ordered the usual making sure to get a Venti. And I waited amongst hipsters and college students feeling uncomfortable.

They announced my name and I grabbed it with a quick a "thank you". Grabbing a straw off to the side, I heard a voice from my past.

It was deep and accented and it ordered a black coffee with nothing else. Harry? It couldn't be, he was in Chicago. Why would he be in the dark corner of New York without as much as telling someone?

Surely Tom would have said something if he knew?

I quickly turned around to confirm if it was true and it was. There was Harry, his hair so long it was pulled back in a bun. A pair of black sunglasses covering his face. He was so terribly well recognized now that I'm sure going out in public at times was a hassle.

He pulled out his phone and waited amongst the crowd. And I stared at him from across the shop like an idiot with a massive heart attack waiting to happen in my hand. Did I go say hi? The last time I had seen him I told him I loved him.

Maybe I could just sneak out the door and tell Tom about it later. Harry had probably already seen me and wanted to avoid me as well.

Embarrassed, I beeline it for the door, but before I had left we made eye contact. His coffee was in hand and he was making it to the door as well. There was nothing else I could do but smile.

"Hey" I quickly said hoping it would just be a passing remark.

"Hey" he responded, his face behind the expensive sunglasses, looking as it he had seen a ghost.

"You're back" I added not meaning to but it just happened to slip out.

"Only for a little bit" he assured.

It seemed we both had a secret. Mine being I was pregnant and his being that he was back in New York. But it didn't really matter if neither of us knew. Because we didn't owe it to each other to give the other an explanation.

I smiled sadly "Well it was nice seeing you Harry, take care".

My bump was hidden beneath my flowy dress and so he was none the wiser in seeing me.

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