my kind of boy

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"Kim Namjoon, is ey?" His father asked with a cigar prepped between his lips, Jimin sat on his small twin bed as he looked down on his lap, pointer fingers pointed at eachother.

"Yes..Kim Namjoon, a school acquaint-"

"a former crush, son. Don't lie to yourself. I saw how you gushed and described his appearance." His dad chuckled as Jimin frowned. "I guess.."

"Must be a handsome guy, why don't ye ask him out?" The old man said as he placed the last tape on the window.

Jimin sighed, "With mama knowin' what happened, I doubt I can even date him. Plus, he is a straight boy."

His father smiled, sitting down next to his son, pulling his close and ruffling his hair, "Now, you should never go around messin' with boys sexuality's but you didn't sound sure when ya said he was straight, why's that?"

"I guess..i'm not sure."

His dad hummed, patting his sons arm. "You're a good kid, son. Now, I have to go, your mother wants dinner out. Will you please water the garden? Your mother never leaves you alone with the chores but..they do seem like they beg for water when you walk by em'." Jimins dad chuckled as Jimin sighed, nodding. "Okay, papa."

His dad got up and closed the door behind him, Jimin hummed and got up, pulling down his pants to change into shorts because it is burning outside. He pulled on some cute little shorts that went over his knees with small patches of flowers his mother sewed on it, he left his white plain shirt on though.

He ran down the stairs and figured his parents were already gone, humming to himself he went outside and grabbed the watering pot and went over to the cage to grab his pet bird, a well behaved birdie whom could be taken outside and would not fly away, he adored her, her name is Betsy.

Jimin smiled as he put Betsy on his shoulder and opened the door and ran off the porch, he sighed to himself, turning on the hose to fill the pot, and once it was filled, he beginned his boring journey of quenching his mothers gardens thirst.

He watered the pretty flowers, starting off with the Dahlias, and than heading torwards the daisy family, (his personal favorite.) He than watered the lavender and frowned to himself when he saw the pansy rotten' and dead.

He pouted, walking over to grab a dirt bag as he grabbed a small shovel and beginned pulling the plant out to plant a new one, (This one was not going to be revived. So, better off planting a new life.)

As he was crouched down, his plump ass was peaking out of his shorts, rosy red from the heat and when he stood up, he bumped into something, he squealed, immediately going into fight or flight mode, and there stood Kim Namjoon.

Betsy squaked, "Lover boy! Lover boy!" She yelled, Namjoon chuckled and rubbed his neck, "Hey Jimin."

Jimin blushed, he must've looked like a sweaty mess, dirty too. He looked at Namjoon with big eyes and frowned, "H-hey.."

"I came here to say sorry for breaking your window.." Namjoon chuckled as Jimin smiled a bit. "I didn't feel like it was a big deal until I realized it was your room, we can't have someone peaking in to see that pretty face."

Jimin blushed softly, "I-it is a pretty big hole..but my papas going to fix it soon."

Namjoon hummed, adoring how he had a child-like nature. "You have any plans..?"

Jimin shrugged, "My mama just asked me to water her garden, there are many left to go and there must be many other dead plants.."

Namjoon smiled, blushing as he shoved his hands into his pocket, back arching back as his groin was to the front a bit. "Maybe I could help you, Jimin?"

Jimin smiled, eyes going into a full crescent, "I'd love that!"

—and thats what they did for the rest of that hot summer day, they played around in the garden as Namjoon repeatedly stared at Jimins lips and Jimin gazed into the older boys eyes.

And of course, as Betsy continued to scream out 'lover boy' every few minutes.


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