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Jennie POV
It's been a month when Lisa and that woman always meet.

I didn't know why Lisa is hiding this to me, Is she really cheating on me?

I spy Lisa again, and she is too sweetly to talk to that girl. She totally pissed me off when that girl hug my hubby, ughhh, WHAT A FLIRTY MARRIED WOMAN AISH.

I went inside the café and I walk towards to Lisa's table.

They both look at me, and Lisa got shocked.

"Jennie?" she shockly said.

"Suprise" I said and I smile at her.

"Who is that woman?." She asked to Lisa.

"She's m-." Before Lisa finish her sentence, I pulled that woman hair so hard, and I pulled her outside the café.

"Aww!" she said while crying.

When we got outside I remove my hand on her hair.

"Unnie, who is she? Why is she pull my hair like that *sob*." she said.

"Shh, hold it down." Lisa said.

Then Lisa stand in front of that girl, like she's protecting her.

"What are you doing Jennie!, you're making an issue again on me!" she angrily said, this the first time I saw Lisa's mad so bad.

"Why are you protecting her Lisa, You promise on me that you will never find someone better than me, but now....." My tears start to flow down.

"...... Your protecting a girl that I didn't know, such a liar,.....*sob* such a Cheater!." I said I ran off.

I can't stop crying because of what i saw, Lisa is such a bad Liar!.

" I hate you...."

Lisa POV
" Mina, sorry but I need to follow my wife." I said then I ran.

I saw Jennie running at the middle of the road when suddenly there's a car, show at the road.

"Jennie!" I said and she looked at me.

She saw the car coming, she went to the walk side and she looked at me again with her red eyes.

I smile on her and she went towards on me.

Before I move my foot, someone stab at my back.

"See you in hell, Manoban." He whispered.

When I got stabbed, I felt dizzy and, he push me on the middle of the road, and there's a car coming on me, I can't move my body, like I got paralyse by his push.

"Is this the end of my precious life?, haha." I said in pain.

I close my eyes, and I heard some random voice, and Jennie's voice.

"Lisa don't sleep, call an fucking ambulance!" she nervously said.

I open my eyes slowly and i look how worried she was on me.

"He-jen-jennie, do-don't pa-pan-panicked , maybe this is the end of me." I said in pain and she look at me.

"Stop saying those nonsense words Lisa." she said and she kissed my forehead.

My body still feel the pain, and my eyes want to closed.

"Lisa promise me, that don't Sleep." she said while showing her pinky finger.

I was about to pinky swear on her,....

I suddenly fainted on Jennie's arms.

"I'm sorry, I can't promise you that."


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