twenty five; blind and clueless

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C H A P T E R  T W E N T Y  F I V E ;

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C H A P T E R  T W E N T Y  F I V E ;

third person pov;

r e l u c t a n t l y finn lifted his face, blinking repeatedly at the unwelcome beams of sunlight hitting his skin. once gaining focus again, it didn't take long until he remembered he must've fallen asleep with millie, they were still on the roof together. she had her arms wrapped around his neck and his own had snaked to her lower back, not on top of her clothing, but touching her skin underneath. with her leg resting on top of his, they were both facing each other. thankfully she was still asleep.

he usually wasn't shy when their friendship came to being touchy, he recalled sleeping beside her months back when she was hospitalized. this time it was different, his skin was tingling and his heart was beating like it could fly out of his chest at any minute. this was a new experience millie brought to him.

she fluttered her eyelashes open and as soon as he felt her move under his finger tips, he slammed his eyes shut again. a drowsy giggle vibrated in his chest, "finn i know you're awake, i saw you dummy." without realizing the position they were in, she stretched and redid her hair into a ponytail.

finn pulled his arms away and rubbed his eyes like nothing ever happened, a yawn escaping his mouth. the serenity didn't last long when his eyes bulged open after a few minutes, "WHAT TIME IS IT?"

"yeah, good morning," turning on her phone, she read it out loud to him, "ten forty two." he let out a groan and ran his fingers through his curls, clearly stressed out from those numbers.

"what is it?"

"i missed a huge fucking test i've been studying days for."

"won't they let you retake it?"

"why the hell would they, no way."

he massaged his temples, millie kept her eyes elsewhere in guilt. "sorry."

"it's-" he sighed, "you're fine, i'm sorry." listening to the birds chirp and cars drive back and forth along the road, a small frown was apparent on millie. he noticed and felt ashamed, forming an idea inside of his head that was picture perfect.

"you wanna go to the beach?"

millie turned herself towards him, clearly showing her excitement and longing to visit the beach again. out of many places it was one of her favorites, she hasn't been since early last summer. "right now?"

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