And I love it.

I only encourage him as I twirl my fingers through his curls and follow his lead. I've attempted to take a step back and allow Luke to guide the two of us to see if he can pick up anything on his own. I especially hope he feels confident enough to do so.

We're distracted by the sound of my phone ringing and shockingly it's Luke to pull away as he seems to give me a chance to answer it as opposed to letting it ring.

I look down to see Chasen's name lighting up the screen making me practically roll my eyes. This is the third time he's called this week and I know I should probably answer it but I also can't keep sending him money.

"You want to answer that?" Luke asks, his eyes on the screen, seeing my brother's name.

"No," I say leaning in to kiss him.

Luke stops me however as he says, "He's been calling all week Addie."

"I call him later," I say even though I know I probably won't.

I just have other things on my plate than worrying about sending my brother money every day. I care about him and care about him being okay but he needs to learn to solve his own problems.

Luckily Luke doesn't push this further as he closes the distance between our lips once again. Luke's hands slide up and down my thighs and I feel him squeeze them gently every now and then. The feeling is enough for me to take this further but I also know we're on a time crunch. Mostly because it probably won't take too long before people are coming into the classroom.

In this moment, I don't seem to care however as I run one hand down his arm and squeeze his muscles that practically break through the shirt. I long to tug on the bottom of his shirt and take it off myself but he has yet to do so around me. If he's insecure about his body, I don't want to initiate something he's uncomfortable with.

His hand finds its' way to the bottom of my shorts, and I feel his fingers lightly trail along my thigh. I doubt he even knows just how crazy he's driving me in this exact moment.

I'm not even entirely sure what he would've done next but I guess we'll never know considering the sound of the door opening distracts us right away. I don't know why my first thought was to hop off of his lap and under his desk but of course it was.

Hell, I did not think this one through.

I hear Luke mutter curse words under his breath and he seems just as frustrated by my decision as he attempts to tuck his chair under as best as he can to hide me.

"Luke, hi!"

I cringe and narrow my eyes at the familiar voice that is enough to make my jaw clench in anger. What the hell is she doing in here before class? More importantly, why does she still think it's okay to call him Luke?

"Claire," Luke says, discomfort clear in his tone. "How are you?"

"I'm good, I was running a little early today so thought I'd come in to say hi," she says in an overly flirty voice that's enough to make me gag.

"Well hi," Luke says with an awkward laugh.

I bite my lip as I hear her footsteps come closer. Luke stays in his spot and I notice him watch her carefully probably terrified of the thought of her catching me hiding under his desk.

"You were really good on friday," she says and I practically gasp as I hear her hoist herself up onto his desk.

She can't be serious right now.

"Thank you," Luke says.

"You never told me you were a musician," she says as her legs dangle and I resist the urge to bite them. "I think musicians are so hot."

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