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Msg for Poets Pub

Happy birthday Poets Pub! Thanks for everything ❤️

It was supposed to be a gloomy and dull phase of my life, but your presence changed the game. One of the biggest twists of my life-story.

Specially 'a poem a day challenge for the year 2018'. It's still kinda unbelievable. Being a pub member is an honour for me.

I don't know how to explain my feelings, it's really very personal thing to explain what I feel about pub. I'm grateful for everything. I love being around the pub activities. It's like a therapy for my soul. Reading, writing, teasing/encouraging comment section, crazy group of friends, cool challenges and contests, in short, it's a favourite cozy corner like home for me. Zero formalities, and everything seems in favour. With pub, I feel myself blessed. I'm happy and proud to be a part of the pub family.

Thank you so much everyone for being a strong support system.

Lots and lots of birthday wishes and love for Poets Pub. Many many happy returns of the day! Keep spreading your charm buddy :)❤️

I'm with you in this journey.

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