Chapter 15

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Dinner shouldn't be the right place for plotting and conniving. However, this doesn't seem to be clear for Middle Point, especially Lenzie, whose main goal, now set in stone, is bringing TWICE down once for all and ruin their reputation.

However, it doesn't look like everyone is following through her plans.

Padgett: Is dinner coming or what?

Lenzie: Can you shut the fuck up for once?

Korinne: Oh, come on, Lenzie, let her pout for once. She kept talking about when she last had a burger... Something like eight months ago.

Padgett: Why would you blame me for hitting McDonald's once in a while? I mean, everyone loves McDonald's. Or, at least, I do.

Lenzie: That's out of question. No fast food, unless you want to roll on stage.

Padgett: Just once in a while.

Lenzie: That's final, Padgett. One more word and you're out. How dare you to doubt our diet?

Padgett: Your diet, maybe. Are you trying to turns all of us into vegans? And have you ever thought of listening to the rest of us for once?

Brittania: I, for once, would like a huge steak. A real steak, not one made of tofu.

Cheyenna: I'd die for a BBQ steak. Maybe with some roasted potatoes. When I think of steak and potatoes, I think of my mother's kitchen and-

Amanda: Cheyenna! Stop ranting! This is not your mother's house, it's a restaurant.

Lenzie: And don't forget you're on diet! You gained four kilos last month!

Cheyenna: Shut the fuck up, you stick!

Jennille: Stick? If I were you, I'd watch your language.

Cheyenna: Oh, really?

A waiter passes by, clearing his throat.

Waiter: Are you ready to order, ladies?

Lenzie: Yes. We'd like eight-

Cheyenna: No, no. Hold on. Britt, you said you want a steak with potatoes, right?

Brittania: For once we're on the same wavelength.

Waiter: Perfect. Two steaks-

Padgett: Three steaks. And a large bottle of Pepsi, please.

Waiter: I'm sorry, madam, but we don't have Pepsi.

Padgett: Okay. Then, take us a large Coke.

Waiter: Okay, three steaks with potatoes and a large bottle of Coca Cola. (Turns to Abby) What about you, madam?

Abbygayle: I-

Lenzie: The usual for the rest of us. (Frowns at the waiter, then glares at Cheyenna) Thank you, sir. I expect you to serve us quickly, of course.

Waiter: No promises-

Lenzie: Don't make us wait too much, okay?

The waiter leaves in a huff, not wanting to upset Lenzie further.

Lenzie: Tell me you were joking, Cheyenna.

Cheyenna: Do I look like I'm joking?

Lenzie: Don't play dumb with me, okay?

Cheyenna: You're controlling, Lenzie, you know?

Lenzie: I'm the leader, okay? So, you either follow the rules or Leiann's path. Choose: do you want to stay or not?

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