[Ch. 1-2] One Boy One Girl One Room

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May 1st, 11:47pm


"All right! Just one more time."

Alarm set. Fingers ready. Begin.

My hand started on its own, moving so fast it's hard to tell what's happening. As she look on, sweat dripped when I realize there's only a few more seconds before the alarm blares. I stared at the Rubik's Cube as I force my fingers to move faster and faster.

White, green, yellow, blue, red, orange; they all blurred as I attempted a Dedmore H to repair a careless move.

"Time's up!" Her cute yet mechanical sounding voice shook me out of my failure.

I sighed.

"Ahhh...same problem again, I keep switching the corners. Compare best times from yesterday and today, and give me the difference"

"Yesterday's best time was 49.520 seconds, today's best time is 48.340 seconds, the difference is 1.180 seconds, Master."

"Agh. Stop calling me Master, Keiko. I am not your master, and turn off <Annoy.att>. You got to act more normal, or else people will get the wrong idea if you say that in public. "

I sighed again as she cutely tilts her head in question. "Shoot, it's late. What's my schedule for tomorrow?"

As Keiko was processing the schedule from my custom-built cloud servers, I visualized the codes running berserk inside her. I glanced at what was my most complex creation to date.

Yes, my creation: a robot.

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