[Ch. 1-1] It's NOT the Beginning

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This is... all a [DREAM], right?

I pondered over the possibilities as I run past a corner.

Ughh... my chest...

Why am I afraid?

Is it because of that thing which is chasing me at train speed?

Or is it because I don't know where I am going?



Ahhh damn it! It's catching up!

I kept running while something popped in my mind.

"Hey, where are you!?" I called out into the dimly lit hallway, not stopping to look behind me.

I guess 'it' left. I'm alone now, I really am.

The shadow by my side a few moments ago was gone. The mental stress must have caused it to fluctuate and disappear but I didn't let it stop my thoughts.

Is she really alive? Will I be able to see her again? Where did she vanish? Don't tell me she had been hiding in the reactor room for all this time!

I ran down a corridor in a tunnel under the surface of a world that was corrupted with evil.

Where I am running to I do not know, but one thing I've been believing this whole time:

This is a [Dream]

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