Chapter 14

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It looks like Lenzie has been caught red-handed once again! As proof of her lack of respect towards idols keeps piling up, there's one person who's clearly taking advantage of the situation to bail out of her own trouble.

Daejeong: CCTV cameras? Cool. For me, at least. More screen time, right?

Amanda: Duh. Shut up, you pathetic midge!

Daejeong: I've been insulted far worse. Try again, Amanda.

Leiann: You don't need to provoke her. It doesn't work.

Daejeong: Oh, yeah, it is. Look at Lenzie's face... It's as inflated as a fucking air balloon! Hahaha!

Dahyun: I've never though Lenzie would get plastic surgery jobs done.

Daejeong: Oh, yeah, she did. They all look like Barbie dolls. (Purrs) Except Leiann, of course.

Leiann: Thank you, but-

Sana: No buts, Leiann. (Points at Lenzie) I mean, how can that doll face look natural?

Jihyo: Even though I hate Daejeong, I'm afraid she's quite right. (Turns to Lenzie) You won't admit you had your lips inflated, right, Lenzie?

Lenzie: That's not your business!

Daejeong: Haha. Your personal business is now public domain. Blame CCTV cameras for exposing you, darling. (Blows a kiss) Come on, girls, let's go. The more you stay here, the more you'll be intoxicated by all this plastic.

Amanda: Plastic? What the fuck are you talking about?

Daejeong: (points at Amanda's breasts) Those, of course.

Jeongyeon: Even a baby can notice that you got your boobs done, Amanda.

Amanda: How dare you?

Nayeon: We don't need to inflate our boobs to be beautiful.

Momo: Or our asses.

Tzuyu: Gross!

Jihyo: You know, Momo, that was too harsh.

Daejeong: (chuckles) No, it was funny! Oh, Amanda already got a Botox job done back in 2014.

Dahyun: So, she was very young, right?

Leiann: She was a teenager back then.

Chaeyoung: So, is there a chance that she got an injection of Botox to make her brain bigger?

Amanda: Hey! Don't you dare!

Daejeong: Haha. You'd like one more, Amanda, admit it. But I think it only works to make your butt bigger, not your brain. (Cackles) Girls, we should really get going. They're not worth our time.

Leiann: Wait! I have to get my stuff back at Hob! I left it there.

Lenzie: There's no need to, Leiann.

Abbygayle: We threw it all away.

Leiann: Oh, really? Thank you.

Sana: Are you serious? They threw your stuff away! What are you going to do?

Leiann: Not a big deal. I can buy new clothes. And I don't think they're too perverse to have actually sold my-

Lenzie: (shows off a necklace with a huge golden cross) Your favorite necklace? Look, it really suits my style. (Twirls) What do you think, girls?

Abbygayle: (claps her hands) You're lovely, Lenzie. As usual.

Nayeon: That's not yours, so please return it.

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