Part 29

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I was chilling out reading your comments on the latest chapter when these two walked hand in hand towards me and ordered me to write next! So here I am writing the next without any second thoughts and posting as soon as I completed! Not even rechecking it.

This one is written in a go so typos for sure... Also!

8 years of balh!..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Just as a coincidence this part is dedicated to the anniversary.. but the second half is strictly 18+ and may feel odd for some of you... Do read at your own risk....


She felt his fingers doodling on her bare back as she lay on her front. His soft kisses lingered on her shoulder, back wings and trailed down her spine.

Her whimper made him do his actions more precisely with a mischievous grin that she felt it.

"Sone dijiye na" she whined trying to catch her sleep which was running miles ahead of her as soon as her husband started caressing her.

He didn't replied but just kept on doodling circles and pecking all over her back with utmost devotion. His chest hair brushed against her skin making her giggle with the tickling.

Finally giving up on the chase for her sleep she turned around opening her eyes to glare at him.

When she turned around clutching the quilt tight around herself, he rested his weight on his elbow and gazed at her with all the love in his heart. His other hand rested on her tummy and he leaned back into the crook of her neck.

"is that's why you woke me up?" She asked slightly amazed to see her husband just woke her up from her sugary sleep just to sleep holding her this way as he already tugged his hand under the quilt she held and cupped her breast before kneading them heartfelt. She closed her eyes with the feel of his now cold fingers on her bare skin.

He started adjusting on her collar bone and placed tender kisses with frequent graze on the same place. Inhaling her fragrance he smiled. Throwing his one leg all the way around her he pulled her closer more to his comfy.

She slowly shove her hand under him and around his shoulder trying to give him more access to her side and he with a smile shifted more closer.

She blushed with the clingy money he was playing at this hour. Her blush went onto a satisfactory smile as she ran her fingers through his soft hair and pressed her lips to his forehead.

"What should I do now that you have woke me up?" She asked with a smile but he was long gone sitting on the back of his sleep towards the slumber.

He looked cute, so cute that she just cant help but stare at him as long as she could.

Slowly sleep came back to her and held her hand to take along but she stood her ground gazing at him handsome face not wanting to go. Finally sleep pulled her, literally dragged her towards a slumber and she went with her face still looking at him. She kept her lips pressed to his forehead.


"Good morning sweet heart" he kissed the side of her temple as soon as he was back from the call he was talking to.

"that's 5th time you have wished me from the morning" she apprised now serving him his breakfast.

"just making sure the morning was good for you or not" he gave her his pretty smile that her heart swelled with nothing but love for him.

"I can assure you I had a real fantastic morning" she spoke but blushed at the number of events happened in a single morning.

Firstly he woke her up soon enough after she slept and before she can register what happened, he wished her good morning with a kiss that ended up him being inside of her as they drove towards another pleasure ride together.

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