Blessed Beyond Measure

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A/N: This is  the END! Ahhhh! Thank you to everyone who has voted, commented, read and enjoyed Chris and Breelan's story! I loved them so much I didn't want to end it!

Labor Day Weekend the following year

"This has been a wonderful weekend." I leaned back in my beach chair on the deck of the waterfront home in the Hamptons we had rented out for Labor Day weekend.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself babe." Chris walked out onto the deck through the sliding screened door with Christian in his arms. I giggled looking at the 2 of them. Both were shirtless wearing only swim trunks. Christian was the splitting image of his dad down to the crystal blue eyes and sandy brown hair.

"She's laughing at us again." Chris said to Christian. Christian just laughed and blew raspberries with his lips.

"Whoa language little man!" Chris teased as Christian reached his arms out to me.

"Hi handsome." I cooed taking him into my lap. My stomach turned suddenly, and I frowned. "I don't think that that lunch is sitting well with me."

"What's wrong?" Chris plopped down in the lounge chair next to mine and cracked a beer open.

I shook my head carefully removing Christian's sticky little fingers from my earring. "My stomach's just upset. I guess it was lunch. Although....." I started to think, "I wasn't feeling very well on Friday either."

"You think you have a virus?" Chris asked concerned.

"Must be. Unless it's food poisoning. But I don't feel that sick."

"Maybe you're pregnant." Chris laughed leaning back in his chair.

"Ha. I can't be. Cause I'm....." I trailed off. "I'm late." The realization hit me.

"You're what now?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

"I'm late. Like a week late. How'd I not realize that?"

"We've been careful though, right?"

"Define careful." I looked at him. Since having Christian, I hadn't gone back on birth control. Chris and I had used the 'pull out' method. Or at least we did for a little while.

"It took you awhile to get pregnant with Christian. It's probably just food poisoning." Chris tried to rationalize as he stood up.

"Where you going?" I asked.

"To get a pregnancy test."


"Christian, meet your baby sister Saylor Grace Evans." Chris lifted a wide-eyed Christian up onto my hospital bed where I held my newborn daughter, 18 months after welcoming her brother.

We had found out that night in the Hamptons that I was indeed pregnant, again. And while it wasn't planned it was the one of the happiest surprises I had ever had. Chris and I had barely figured out the whole parenting thing and before we knew it, we had 2 under 2.

I had gone back to work part time after Christian was born. After Saylor joined the party, I officially became a stay at home mom.

My days were full of Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, nap times, bottles, never ending laundry, picking up toys, counting down to bedtime, and then counting down until nap time was over and I could play with my babies again. Chris continued working, adding director to his resume a few more times. My life felt complete in a way I never knew I wanted or needed. My little family was the beat of my heart. I wasn't sure what I had done right to deserve the life I had, but I thanked God everyday for Chris, and the life we had so beautifully created together.

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