The Guide Chapter 3.

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Okay, so I'm pretty bored, cause I went to sleep like right after school. And I woke up and I oouldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to upload since I have nothing to do. Now this is a very rare thing, so in the future don't exspect this to happen again. So here it is chapter 3. Sorry for the confusion, I accidentally uploaded chapter 1 twice. But anyways, enjoy, oh and picture of the girl with her head back is indeed Hayley Williams: Max!

Chapter 3.

I honestly have no idea how pregnant women can do it. I mean really a whole 9 months and your best friend is the toilet. Many asses touch toilets and your face has to be close to it like 24/7. My stomach rumbled, dragging me out of my thougts. Here it comes toilet, prepare yourself for another round of barf! My stomach shook and convulsed, the bile rose to my throat and finnaly out my mouth.

" I told you, you were gonna be sick." Dylan said as he held back my hair.

When I finnaly stopped barfing I replied, " Oh shut up, and just help me up."

He helped me up and held my elbow so I wouldn't fall. I leaned against the sink and turned on the cold water and washed out my mouth. When I couldn't taste anymore chunks of throw up, I washed my face, I really needed some gum and badley.

We walked out the bathroom and into the store. We walked to the front and I spotted a pack of Spearmint. Bingo, I hit the jack pot. I grabbed a big pack and put it on the counter, just as Dylan placed a bottle of ginger ale on the counter and a box of saltine crackers. He paid for it all and grabbed the bag.

I silently followed him. I haven't known Dylan for too long, but he seemed like a nice guy. He's pretty good looking too, awww hell. Who am I kidding, the guys a hot piece of ass. Him and his lusious brown hair, his blue-grey eyes, his tall lean; muscular body. He's perfect, except fot the part where he's stopping me from having fun! When we got to the car he handed me the bag and started the car. I put my seat belt on and I turned to him.

" Thanks, for the stuff and for holdding my hair, back there." I said as I stared at the dashboard trying not to look him the eyes.

I have a hard time saying thanks to people, I have the whole bad thing going on and you don't exspect someone like me to get all mushy and say things like thank you, please, I love you. Those words are like me spelling out supcalifradgilisticespialodosious, and jumping up and down while rubbing my stomach in circles and patting my head. Which would be really hard to do at the same time.

" Your welcome." he answered.

I turned my body back and I took a swig of the Ginger Ale. Instantly feeling alittle better. I decided to eat the crackers when I was hungry so i poped a piece of gum in my mouth and chewed away. I then popped bubbles, over any over again.

I heard a frustrated huff, and I looked over to see a very annoyed Dylan. Which made me spread an evil smile across my face. I chewed away and blew a bubble, I sucked it in.

Pop! Which made him flinch, with irratation. I siletly shook with laughter. I blew a couple more.

Pop,pop,pop,pop,pop! He finnaly got frustrated enough and turned on the radio. Nothing on the stations seemed good enough to him, so he popped in a CD. Guitar and drumming hit my ears, which was very familar. Black Veil Brides knives and pens intro, then Andy Sixx began to sing..

Interesting. He likes BVB, wow. Which got me curious about his age, he must be younger than I thought if he liked them. Actually I never thought about his age really, I just knew he was older than me.

" Dilly, how old are you?" I asked, with my eye brows raised.

" 23, why?" Then he did that weird thing when you raise one eye brow while the other one freakishly stays in place.

Well it's weird to me because I can't do it, it's just imposible for me to complete this task. All i can do is raise both my eye brows, which isn't as cool as raising one eye brow! And that is why I have it number 6 of my things to accomplish list. I still haven't completed it, so everyone that can is a weird out freak!

" No reason." I answered.

I looked out the window and I noticed the familar street of home.This street looked welcomeing, I could see flashes of myself with friends standing on the corner skipping school. And I could see the time I wasn't watching where I was drivng and I hit Ms.kingsley's mail box. Or the time I was playing hockey in the street and hit the local old perv Mr.beetlemen, in the balls with the puck.

Remembering theses awesome memories, had me laughing in my seat. Which I got me a worried look from Dylan. So we pulled up to a tall white house, 3 stories high, red tiled roof,red matching shudders, and the red wood door with a large white L on it. L for Lane, and I knew how much I missed this house and all the bad deeds I did with in it through my 17 years of life.

* Okay so I end it there not knowing what else to say and also I'm getting tired. So I hoped you like it and I will upload again later like I origanally was, or tomorrow.I'll try to upload twice a week at least once. But anyway have a nice life and i'm looking for Dyaln, if you have any ideas, make sure the guy has brown hair and blue eyes.

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