Chapter Sixteen

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I stood in shock as I continued to watch Jason stand in front of me. Why was he here? Why did he have to look so good?

"Dallas, hey." Jason greeted and looked me up and down. "You look nice. It's weird to see you in girl clothes."

I have no idea whether to take that as a compliment or not. He looked just as cute as I remembered; his golden brown hair was styled so it looked like he didn't do anything with it and his dark blue eyes still managed to keep my attention despite all the noise around us.

"Oh, well yeah I figured I should start wearing my own clothes again." I nervously chuckled. "How have you been?" I asked.

"I been good, just taking things one day at a time." He said and stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "How about you? How's your head?"

"It's better, my ribs aren't so bad either." I shrugged and looked up at his towering frame. I wanted to ask him why he didn't come visit me in first aid, but I kept my mouth shut. I didn't wanna ruin my conversation with him, who knows if we'll ever talk again after this.

"That's good, I hope you're not back with that douchebag." He told me more than asked. I bit back my smile at his protective nature. Maybe he did care.

"No, I haven't spoken to him since I woke up in first aid. He's not exactly everyone's favorite right now."

He nodded and looked directly at me. "Sorry I haven't responded to any of your texts or calls. I been busy and I actually had to get my phone replaced and I just got it a few days ago so I haven't had time to text anyone."

I raised my eyebrow at him. "What happened to your phone?" I suspiciously asked him.

He blushed before answering. "I dropped it in some water."

I couldn't help but laugh at his response. He watched me for a few seconds and he started laughing too. To be honest we looked like two nutcases laughing in the middle of the cafeteria, but I was perfectly fine with that.

"I bet the guys didn't live that one down." I said as our laughter began to calm down.

"Yeah, they definitely didn't." He said and rubbed his neck as he avoided my gaze.

"So I don't wanna hold you up anymore so I'll let you go." I broke the silence even though I didn't want to let him go. I wanted us to sit down and talk like we used to, but I didn't want to push my luck.

"It's okay, I have a couple of minutes to spare."

I shifted on my feet and tried to hide the smile from breaking out on my face. "You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was just grabbing something to eat really quick before I go back upstairs to see my cousin. What are you doing here?" He asked me as he walked further into the cafeteria to grab some food. I followed behind him as he grabbed a tray and stocked it with a sub, some chips, a juice bottle and a cookie.

I watched in amazement at the amount of the food on his tray and took a seat across from him at a table. I popped open the lid for my salad and began to eat as Jason inhaled his lunch.

"I'm here for my mother. She's in labor right now and I didn't feel like waiting up there plus I'm hungry." I shrugged.

"And all you got is a salad?" He raised an eyebrow at me. "I've seen you eat at camp, I know a salad isn't gonna fill you up."

I blushed as I remembered my time at football camp. "Yeah, I remember those days. I still get up early like I'm back at camp. It actually feels weird not having to do drills."

He chuckled and wiped his mouth after taking a gulp of his drink. "Miss it?"

"Somewhat." I answered. "It was different, and all the exercising is actually gonna help me with cheerleading."

He raised an eyebrow at me. "I knew you were a cheerleader just based on your pictures on Facebook."

"You're Facebook stalking me?" I smirked. So he was still checking on me even after camp?

It was his turn to blush now and I laughed. It was cute and refreshing to see him so relaxed and carefree, not tense and moody like he was at camp.

"What the hell is going on here?" Someone asked from behind me.

Jason's eyes hardened and his face lost all its glow, giving me a good idea of who was behind me. I swallowed the hard lump in my throat and nervously turned around. Just like I thought, Austin was standing behind me with a seething expression.

"I sent you down here to get some food, not have lunch with this sorry excuse of a football player." Austin spat and glared at the both of us.

Jason quickly shot out of his seat and stalked over to Austin. "Listen you ass-" I flew out of my seat like Jason did and stepped in between the two teenage boys.

"Guys stop, we're in a hospital." I hissed and shoved them away from each other.

"Good, he'll already be in the right place once I'm done with him." Jason snapped and continued to glare at my idiot brother.

Austin scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Yeah right, you couldn't do squat if you wanted to."

"Austin just go already I'm coming up now." I said and shoved Austin back out the cafeteria. I looked back and sadly waved at Jason who was still standing in the same spot with his glare fixed on Austin's back.

Austin and I got into the elevator, not saying a word to each other. We each took a seat in the waiting room again and kept our distance and our mouths shut as we patiently waited for mom to come out.


I wanted to keep Jason out of the story for a few more chapters, but I couldn't help it! I like Jason too much :(

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