Chapter 1

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A/N: This is my first time attempting to write a romance novel

     My childhood years were plagued with this constant fear of what sort of mysterious the adult world holds for me once I reach 18 years. Much like all other parents, my parents held certain expectations of the kind of man they wanted me to become as I was growing up. A lot of those expectations came from the many observations they've made about my older sister, Abigail. You see, she is a social butterfly and is able to make friends easily. She can win over any kind of man with her looks and charm. I was always criticized by my parents for having a lot of friend that are boys but having almost no friends that are girls. Abigail would always come home with a group of friends and most of them would be boys. It's not that I hated girls or anything. I just never really felt comfortable talking to any of them. Well, none of them except for Annabelle. I've known her for almost as long as I've been going to school.

As time when on, it became somewhat of a competition between me and my sister to see who could impress mom and dad better. I eventually gave up after a couple of months upon realizing there was no way I would be able to be better than her at anything. She was everything I was not. She was attractive, athletic, extroverted and most of all, she speaks her mind. I would be ridiculed by my parents from time to time for how quiet I was and how I kept everything to myself. They told me that if such behaviors continue than the adult world was not going to be so kind to me. When ever they saw Abigail with her boyfriend, Dax, they would express their hopes of seeing me with a girlfriend one of these days. They also wished that I would be able to take somebody to prom and that one day, I would be married to a beautiful wife. The problem is that I'm not really into that kind of stuff as of right now. I find prom to be very overrated for what it is and I just don't have my eyes set on any girl at this point in time.

The only girl I ever had any feelings for was this girl named Cecelia. At the time, I was in the sixth grade at a middle school called, "Marcus T. Cicero Middle School". I met her on my first day of middle school in late 2014. Before homeroom officially began, I was sitting right next to Annabelle talking about what we did over summer vacation. While I layed around on my bed all day playing video games for the entire break, she got to travel to various places around the world like Paris and Beijing! After about 10 minutes of conversation, I noticed from the corner out of my eye there was another person who entered the room. I stopped talking at first thinking it was a teacher but once I took some time to look, I realized it was just another student. Because all of the other seats were taken, she decided to sit in the only available seat left in the class which was right next to me. As she was taking her seat, I continued talking with Annabelle for a little bit before the teacher arrived. He took attendance and after ten minutes of him explaining what to expect this year, he paired all the kids in the classroom up with someone else. The goal was to get to know somebody in the classroom and I ended up getting paired with Cecelia.

"Hello! My name is Cecelia!" The first thing I took notice of was the huge smile she had on her face. It was quite nice to see not everyone was in a depressing mood. She lets out her hand and after a couple of seconds of trying to figure out what she was trying to do, I let my hand out and she proceeds to chuckle as she shakes my hand.

"I apologize for my awkwardness. I should have known you were simply trying to greet me."

"There's no need to. I think it's kind of cute!" I blushed a little on the inside. "What's your name?"

"My name is John."

"Hello, John! How's it going?"

"It's going alright, I guess." We were silent for a moment as everyone else continued talking. I noticed her eyes were shifting towards the direction of a couple of other people talking which must have meant she was starting to get bored. I saw how she decided on wearing a purple dress to school today.

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