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pakwan gdl

2:40 pm

hi uhm
I know you guys are practicing atm
pero I just wanna say sorry for accusing
you the other day and thank you
for speaking up for me
really means a lot ☺

3:38 pm

hey prim
that's alright
I know how hard you worked for
that paper so yeah
and thank you din sa libreng lunch
kanina didn't have enough time to
talk kasi pinatawag agad kami
ni coach

thank you, Juan!
I really didn't thought you'd do
that for me
'twas so unexpected

you think so badly of me
don't you?

'di naman that 'badly'
nayayabangan lang ako sayo
idk lol

so are we good?

I guess??
are we?

only if you agree
sa deal

kailangan ba may condition
para lang maging okay tayo?

hindi naman
but if you're really
grateful yenno

I'm saying yes to the deal
because I feel thankful for what
you did earlier okay?
but I still hate you yenno
like kinda nalang

thanks prima 💖
I'll make sure I'll be
the best boyfriend you'll
ever had

ang korni mo ah
acting lang 'yong gagawin natin
hindi legit wag ka nga!!

ur cute haha
anyway our break's done
see you later, love.


ride home (sh)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!