Chapter 6-solo?

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A/N: Short filler chapter. I'll see if i can do a double!

After the event at school, Jeremy hadn't been at school. Apparently, they used something of his mental state as an excuse, so he had only earned six months of community service and an anger management class.

Avi and Kirstin were closer than ever. Avi had started to read her writing and he realized just how gifted she was.

After the attack, Kirstie finally understood he really cared for her.

Everyone makes mistakes, and Kirstin, being as amazing as she was, understood that.

"Hey, Kit. Are you excited for the field trip?" Mitch turned towards her.

"Yeah." She smiled brightly. Her mother was very reluctant to let her go, but after learning all of the boys would be there, she agreed to let her daughter participate. Kirstie was ecstatic.

Her family had always been overprotective, and now with the boys, she was getting to act more like a teenage girl.

She really loved them all. Kevin's laugh made her giggle, Mitch's sass made her laugh, and Scott was the must lovable noddle ever.

And then there was Avi. He just made her feel safe. Safer than she had ever been.

They were currently sitting at the cafe, waiting for the others to arrive.

Mitch and Kirstie had been chatting about minuscule things, small talk, if you will.

"I got to use the bathroom. Be right back!" He announced, earning a nod.

As she was sitting alone, Esther approached the girl.

"Hey, Kirstie. I know i haven'tt got to talk to you, but being Avi's girlfriend i wanted to get to know you." She smiled.

Girlfriend? That wasn't true.

"I'm not." She smiled at her in confusion, "his girlfriend."

"Really? You two seem so close, I just assumed." She trailed off, smiling as she started to understand. It seems her little brother was growling a little crush.

Well, judging, by the way, he looks at this girl, more of a big crush.

"So, Kirstie. How old are you?" Esther questioned.


"Oh, you're only a year younger than Avi."  The woman smiled.

Kirstin nodded in understanding. They chatted for a few more minutes before Avi, Kevin, and Scott arrived.

"Hey Kirstie, Essie." Kevin greeted the pair happily.

"Hey, Es. What were you two talking about?" Avi asked nervously.  Had she decided to talk to Kirstie about him? He knew his sister had quite a few embarrassing stories.

"Nothing really, just small talk." The older woman promised. On her way back into the kitchen, the brunette woman turned to her younger brother, "She seems like a total sweetheart!" The woman smiled, patting the male on the back.

Avi smiled up at his sister. "She really is. She seems a little shy at first, but she has the energy if a toddler and a puppy combined." The bearded male smiled, gawking over the girl.

"Go for it." Esther joked, giving her brother two thumbs up.

"Maybe I will." He mumbled to himself. He would ask her eventually. Just not tonight.

"So, are you all going on the field trip? I think it's a theme park this year. Disney land?"  Avi turned back to the table.

"Yup, everyone in a music class is going." Scott smiled. "And we finally convinced Kirst's mom to let her go with us."

"Awesome!" Avi smiled. "She deserves to have as much fun as the rest of us do."

"Agreed." Kevin nodded. "Oh! Kirstie, you should try out for the choir solo next week." Mitch jumped, having a seemingly random epiphany.

"Ooh, yeah. We don't have many mezzo's at school, you could totally rock it." Scott smiled in agreement.

"Don't know." Kirstie sighed with a smile. "Maybe."

"Think about it, please?" Avi begged. "You have an amazing voice that the world deserves to hear!"

The girl felt her cheeks heat up, a pink tint taking over her features. It was weird only Avi made her do that.

"Okay." She nodded. "I'll try."

Maybe she could actually get the solo? I mean, she never thought she would make friends like these guys before she met Avi. 

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