Prologue-Love Hurts

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This story will be told from either Jasper or Ryder's POV. It's only in this perspective for the prologue. Sooo yeah! Please note that this is the second book in the Desires Series. The first is Savage Desires about Caspar and Ryker, who are the MC's fathers


Love Hurts

Ryder pushes him down onto the floor and climbs on top of him. Jasper struggles to get free and only succeeds in angering his brother more. His small hands get pinned above his head and he yelps when Ryder digs his knee into his ribs painfully hard.

“Ryder, stop please! That hurts.” Jasper whimpers as tears fill his eyes.

“It’s supposed to hurt you idiot!” He growls down at the squirming boy.

A sob breaks out of the little 12 year old mouth. “Why are you doing this Ryder? I didn’t do anything to you!”

Because I love you and I'm not supposed to! You make me want to kiss you and hold you close. I'm your brother and all I want to do is hold you like papa holds daddy. I want to hold your hand in school and tell my friends that you’re my boyfriend but I can’t because you’re my little brother! He screams in his head.

“Because I hate you!” He says instead.

He watches the tears fall down the younger boy's face and it breaks his heart. He has to do this though. He can’t let anyone know of his feelings. It’s wrong, this is his brother and he shouldn’t feel this way about him. He pushes himself up and hauls his brother up by his shirt collar.

Jasper looks up at his 16 year old brother through watery eyes. He was never like this before. They always used to play together and laugh. Now he's a monster, always hitting him and calling him names. Jasper loves him though and he don’t want him to get in trouble so he don’t tell. He will never tell anyone what has been going on for two years now. 

“You stay away from me Jasper! I don’t want anything to do with you. If you don’t, trust me you will regret it.” He growls into the younger boy's face when all he really wants to do is press his lips onto his.

“But Ryder, I don’t want to stay away from you. You’re my big brother I want to spend time with you.” He whimpers and grabs his brothers’ fist on his shirt.

That’s all he will ever be though and it kills him. He want to be more than just Jasper's big brother and he doesn’t understand it! Its better this way, he can grow up and find someone who will love him and isn’t his big brother. His parents will hate him if they knew his feelings for his younger brother.

“Well I don’t want to spend time with you. You’re annoying and stupid. I wish you weren’t my brother!” He yells and pushes him back.

Not because of the reasons he thinks, but because if Jasper wasn't his brother then they could be together without a problem. Ryder quickly turns away from his brother and leaves the room before Jasper could see his watery eyes. He runs out the house and into the woods before shifting and hiding away from the love he can never have.

Jasper runs to the back door just in time to see his brothers’ wolf disappearing through the trees. He wipes his tears and stares at the spot he saw his brother ran in hopes that he will come back and pull him close. That’s all he wants, for Ryder to hold him close and kiss the pain away. It’s probably the reason Ryder hates him so much. He probably knows the feelings Jasper has for him and is disgusted with him. After all who has these type of feelings for their own brother? 

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