Little Bit Of Info You'll Need (Auther's Note)

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This is just a small chapter to let you all know a bit about the reader, you. I'm not good at making cheerful readers so the reader will have a cold, not-knowing-she-is-being-rude personality. I normally only make Scenario books so sorry if this is bad. This is all for fun anyways.

Y/n = Your Name

Y/n was always jealous of the rich children, or even just normal children. Why? Because she lives far away from the city, in an old house where they make noodles for customers. And those aren't even new customers, old ones so nobody new comes meaning not many money. Her parents always try to play it off as if they have enough money but Y/n seen the bills. Some bills don't even get payed so Y/n does small jobs in secret to earn money. Y/n developed depression at a young age so she doesn't have friends, not wanting them nor wanting to drag anyone in her troublesome life. She starts many fights for fun to let out her anger.

Her older twin sister by 4 minutes, Mei, is always busy so the two don't talk much. Mei is good at cooking while Y/n is good at drawing so she makes all the flyers for the shop. Mei's friend, Mama Shiba as she calls him, tries to befriend Y/n but Y/n can't stand him since he is always loud and so energetic. Mei tries her best to keep Y/n out of fights but tends to fail quite a lot because her trying to stop Y/n, just angers Y/n more.

I'm totally making this book just for Zoe_Kpopperbaka, so Zoe, you better be thankful! :)

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