Chapter 11 - Unexpected Kindness

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After days on the road, the gang finally arrived in the rich and green Amazon rainforest -  home to about four hundred tribes and more than half of ten million animal, plant and insect species.

Alejandro was the first to set his combat boot on the fertile land. He soon caught the attention of a Caucasian man at the dock. His feet were firmly rooted to the deck of the boat as he waved at them cheerfully.

The boat was of average size - nothing fancy. It was difficult to tell what initial color it had because the paint had faded away. It looked more like an old and dull copper boat. As old as it appeared, it was still able to sail and at that point, that was all that mattered.

Alejandro walked over to the man while Matt and the others got their bags. Fernanda shielded her eyes as she stepped out into the sun. She slowly made her way away from the door in order to give Matt and whoever was behind him a chance to get out. With her sharp eyes under the shade of her palm, she watched Alejandro talk to the man.

Alejandro turned back at the gang and spoke to the other man some more. Whatever he said prompted him to get out of the boat. He wore nothing but cargo shorts, a brown simple vest and  straw hat. He looked at least fifty. His combat boots hit the ground when he made long strides to the others. He let out his hand to Matt who took it with a firm grip. Alejandro set his hand on Matt's shoulder.

"Matt, this is Roy Brown. He is a good friend of mine. He has agreed to take us to the evil forest." Alejandro explained with a smile.

"Thank you," Matt expressed gratitude.

Roy waved his hand dismissively. "Oh don't mention it. I was happy to take a grand for my services." he honestly remarked with a smile of his own.

Matt raised his eyebrows Alejandro surprised and was met with a mischievous wink. Matt got the gist and made his way to the boat. The ladies, however, were the first on it. Adrianna strutted her way around it in her camouflage bum short and navy green vest. Her black jacket was hanging on the bag on her back and in one of her knee high boots was a dagger strapped to her leg. She spread her arms wide and took a deep breath of the air.

"Wow, nature is just so beautiful." she said cheerfully.

Adrianna turned only to catch Fernanda staring at her. Her bright smile turned into a disgusted scowl and she rested her hands on her hips. "Do we have a problem?" she asked, annoyed.

"What makes you think so?" Fernanda asked her back, all calm and collected.

"Because you are staring at me." Adrianna crossed her hands and smirked at Fernanda. "It's my clothes isn't it? Yeah I have seen the prejudice in your eyes."

"I think you are mistaking prejudice for hunger my dear." Fernanda grinned slightly and set her hand on her stomach.

Adrianna took a step closer and squinted her eyes at her. "What?"

"I am saying that I am hungry. If you recall, we missed lunch. I'm sorry my staring offended you. It's just that you have messed yourself in a way that you don't want anyone to see especially the men." Fernanda whispered at the word men.

Adrianna widened her eyes and covered her short with her jacket. She hurried down into the boat and pushed open the first door she saw. Adrianna threw her bag on the bed on hastily searched its contents. Her hand felt a box and she pulled it out.

"Of all the times to fucking start my periods." She grunted. Her neck stretched when she heard voices and feet walking on wood. The door opened slightly and she forced it shut. "I'm in here." she hissed.

Roy backed away and shot a baffled look at Alejandro. "Looks like my room will be used by the ladies." he remarked with a soft chuckle and led the guys to the other rooms.

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