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Jennie POV
Ugh, I did a mistake again, why did we become like this, we became fighters not a lovers.

When Lisa Left, I didn't follow her, coz I know she need personal space.

And I saw Rosie and Jisoo at the stairs, and they move their head left and right.

"Do we need to continue this night for festival?" Rosie asked.

"I Think, nope." Jisoo said.

"WE can continue this, don't worry about Lisa and me." I said and they nodded.

~Time Skipped~

It's already morning and I already prepared our breakfast, when chaesoo finish their breakfast, I wait Lisa for so long to go downstairs, but she's still going downstairs.

I got bored so I went toward to her room, I knocked twice and she didn't answer my knocks.

She's making me mad now -. -

"If you're mad at me Lisa, why don't you go outside and face me instead of sulking there." I madly said and still she's not answering me.

I saw chaesoo look at me secretly. Then I glare at them, they quickly close their door.

"Lisa! Answer me!" I angrily said and I knocked hard.

When she's not answering my yelled, I kick her door, and I got shock when she's not in her room.

Then Jisoo came closer to me.

"Lisa didn't go home last night." Jisoo said.

I sit on Lisa's bed and I cover my tears by my hands.

"Shh, Mandu, don't cry." Jisoo said.

"I can't stand with this fight between us anymore, Jisooyah, *sob* we're not look like a lovers anymore, we're like enemy now *sob*." I said while crying.

"Jen, don't worry, you can fix this guys, actually this our fault, because when we came here, you guys start to fight, I think we need to go." Rosie said.

"Yeah Mandu, th-" I cut Jisoo off.

"Noo, *sob* don't blame yourself guys, actually it's my fault, I didn't give her a care since we get married, she just doing those by herself, I felt useless *sob*." I said.

"Jennie don't blame yourself, it's not your fault." Jisoo said.

"Jen, before we continue this drama, we need to look for your Lisa, if we didn't look for her before lunch, I'm sorry but I can't help you, because I need to eat." Rosie jokingly said.

"Aish, Stop being greedy Rosie." Jisoo said then I smiled at them.

They know how to calm me. Thanks guys.

~Time Skipped~

We didn't found Lisa anywhere, we got home without her. I can't stop thinking about her, I miss her already even she's gone for 1 day.

~Time Skipped~

I'm going insane because of Lisa, and now I decided to call Lisa.

"Lisa?" I said on the phone.

"Heyyy?? Whooo is it huhhh?? Hahahah!" she hyperly said. Wait is she drunk?.

"Lisa are you drunk? Where are you? I'm going to fetch you up." I quickly said.

"Oh, you're the freak who make an issue on me in airport? Why are you calling meeee huhhh?? You always fighting with meee, I  *cough* hate you!" she drunkly said.

All of what she says, make me feel hurt more, I didn't that she's angry on me.

"Lisa *sob*, I'm sorry for everything I did on you, I really miss you now." I said while my tears flowing on my cheeks.

She became silent and she suddenly end the call.

I wipe my tears many times, but it will never stop.

My friends start to comfort me.

"Jen." Jisoo worriedly said.

"Jisooyah *sob*, can you tell me where's the most famous bar here in this place *sob*."i said.

"Why?" she confusely asked.

"Just tell me, I need to find Lisa right now *sob* we will never stop looking for my Lisa." I said while crying.

Jisoo nodded and we went Red Bar, the famous bar in this place.

"Sorry but we can't let you guys enter in Red Bar." the guard said.

Then Jisoo give her membership card to the guard and they let us enter.

"I didn't know that you're going here baby, such a Cheater." Rosie said.

"Nah baby, you're more hotter than those girls." Jisoo said and winked.

"Let's find Lisa now, I have no time to blush here." Rosie said and Jisoo laugh.

When I saw Lisa, I ran to her and she's with two hot guys.

"Those two hot guys, i know them, they are with Lisa at Thai café last last week I think." Rosie said.

I went closer to Lisa but a one man stop me.

"Don't go near to Lisa." a man said.

"She's my wife." I said and he laugh.

"All of the girls he-" he's been cut off by another man.

"Sehun, she's the legal wife of Lisa." he said.

"Oh, I apologise." Sehun said.

"It's okay." I said and I went Lisa.

"Lisa?" I said. Then she look at me.

"Hey Sehun, there's a slut here." she said.

"Lisa, she's your wife." Sehun said.

"Oh, you freak, why are you?" she drunkly said.

Then Jisoo talked.

"Stop being stupid Lisa, why are you calling Jennie a slut and freak, she's your damn wife!" she yelled.

"Non-" Jisoo punch Lisa before she continue her sentence.

"HELL YOU!" Lisa said and she punch back to Jisoo.

I grab Lisa and with her friends and Rosie grab Jisoo.

"Don't y'all touch me." Lisa said and she removed all of our hands in her arm.

"Go home now Jennie, I don't want to see your face." Lisa said.

"Lisa, pleaseee, go home with me." I begged.

Then her one friend talked.

"Go home with her now Lisa." he said.

"Okay fine, bye suho and Sehun, I have a lot of fun." she said and went over me.

~Time Skipped~

We got home and I clean Lisa before she sleeps.

"Je *cough* nnie, I'm very sorry in what I said at the Barr." Lisa said while looking at me.

"Nah, it's fine Lisa." I said and I smile at her.

When she got change, I stand up and I need to go outside of her room, but she suddenly pull me.

I lay at her bed and she hug me.

"Can you stay here in my room with me? For today?." she asked.

"Yeah?" I said and she hug me tightly.

Then I saw Rosie and Jisoo inside Lisa's room and they give me a thumbs up.

Then they left.

"Hon, I love you." I said.

"I love you more Honey." She said.

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