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What would you do if the person to whom you confessed your love to, runs out on you? Either you go into depression, or you go into denial.
When Michael flatly tells Jess that he doesn't believe in love, she's broken. But when you have an awesome best friend, a still possessive Michael and determination, Jess knows that she can get Michael. And she will do one thing.
Seduce Him.

Seducing Him.


Henry wanted to know what happened. Jessica wasn't answering his calls, and he was getting worried now. Last night's conversation played in his head like a broken record.

He knew that telling Jess to tell Mike that she loved him was a risk. But he hoped for both their sakes that Michael was over what happened what happened almost ten years ago.

He almost ran down to her apartment, sighing with relief when he saw her guards still there. He was still getting used to Jessica as a celebrity. Jess what a sweetheart, she loved people easily. She would go miles for the person she loved. Henry knew that first handed. And she deserved the love she got.

"Jess in there?" He asked them, even though he knew the answer.

One of them nodded. "Yes sir."

"And Michael?"

Both of them looked at each other. "Mr. Perez left last night."

Henry's eyes widened. Fuck. He opened the door with his key, almost cursing at the sight in front of him.

Jessica King was on the couch, crying. She looked like she hadn't slept all night. Jess had never been one to break down. She was a strong girl. Henry gritted his teeth. He would put Michael in his place. No matter how much it hurt him.

"Oh, Jess," he whispered, and she looked up at him, eyes void of any emotion.

"Hen?" She sounded so weak. She sounded dead. She didn't sound like his Jess.

"Sweetheart, you have to stop crying," Henry knelt beside her.

"He- He doesn't --" Jess stopped talking, a wave of sobs consuming her.

Anger burnt within Henry. "Jess. You aren't going to cry. For me."

Jessica looked at Henry with surprise. He sounded firm. Almost demanding. "I love him!"

Henry sighed. "I know you do, sweetheart. And he loves you too."

Jessica shook her head. "He doesn't! He doesn't believe in love!"

Henry gave her a small smile. "Jess, he does love you. He hasn't let go of his past. And when he does he'll come back begging."

A wicked smile crossed his face.

Jess paled. "Henry Perez, what exactly are you planning on doing?"

Henry smirked. "We will make him realize what he has lost. And I will have a lot of fun doing that."

Jessica narrowed her eyes.

Henry grinned. "Time to make Michael Perez fall to his knees.


Hey guys! So, here it is, the sequel to Resisting Him! How do you like it? And only this is in Henry's POV. About a 100 comments?


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