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"It has been a month since BTS had their world tour and me and Jungkook oppa's anniversary is coming... Arh... he said that they will come back next week but their manager had another performance for them next week..." This moment you thought of a surprise...

You wanted to call Jimin when someone called you "Ring Ring Ring " you looked at the caller id and saw it was Jimin, just the right time.. you pick up the phone...

You: hi

Jimin: I heard that jungkook and your anniversary is coming..

You:Yup... erm... where are you gonna go for next weeks performance?

Jimin: Indonesia

You: Okay...

Jimin: You are planning something right... *smirks*

You: Yup.. Don't tell Jungkook... ( THE SURPRISE )


You booked the ticket to go to Indonesia the day before your anniversary with Jungkook.. so far only everyone know except for jungkook...

**** TIME SKIP ****

You were at the hotel door when yoy ring the doorbell and decided to hide behind the wall as you told Jimin to cover his eyes...

You went in sneakily and kissed his lips.. Him knowing it is you he kisses you back and jimin uncovered his eyes when he hugged you tightly...

And whispered " Saranghaeyo ♡ ♥"


guys again and aagain sorry for the short imagines but i still hope you guys like it and i do request now so if you want to request for an imagine just comment in the comments in an order of



and i will make it as soon as possible

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