Chapter 29 The Fair. Part 2

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It was now after 5 o'clock. Keith, Kora and Lance were currently walking around the fair trying to find the others.

"There!" Kora shouted suddenly pointing at Shiro.

Shiro turned around to the sound of Kora's voice and got down on one knee and opened his arms.

The girl let go of Keith's hand and ran over to Shiro jumping into his arms.

"Hey Cupcake." Shiro said hugging the girl close as he stood up. "Did you have fun?"

"I touched a pig!" The tiny girl stated proudly. "And um. What was it called again Keefy? The thing that went Baa. And it had the things on its head?"

"A goat." Keith said.

"I touched a goat!" Kora giggled.

"That's awesome!" Shiro smiled and handed her over to Adam.

"Hi!" Kora said to Adam and started a conversation with him.

"You know where the others are?" Keith questioned.

"Nope. I was hoping you would help me get in contact with them." Shiro replied. "There is a show going on in about an hour. So I was thinking we all grab food and meet there."

"I'll call Hunk and let them know to meet us at the grandstands." Lance spoke dialing his best friends number.

"I'll call Hailey. Knowing Matt he probably forgot his phone." Keith said.

"And I'll call Pidge." Shiro said.

Pretty soon all 3 males were on the phone letting the 3 couples to meet at the Grandstand, making sure they grab food first.

"Keef said Cotton Candy is like a cloud! And it melts in your mouth!" Kora announced.

"Well Keef is correct." Adam smiled. "It's pretty much a sugar cloud."

"I can't wait to try some!" Kora giggled. "It sounds yummy."

"You can get some after we eat dinner KitKat." Lance said after getting off the phone.

"Now. What would like for dinner?"


After getting their food and trying to find the others in the grandstands they were able to finally sit down.

"Woah! We are so high up." Kora whispered.

"Kora come and eat please." Keith mumbled. "The shows about to start anyways."

Kora took a seat between Hailey and Matt. "What are we watching?" Kora questioned.

Keith handed her fries over to her before explaining. "We are going to watch some people riding dirt bikes do tricks in the air. Once it gets started you'll see."

Not to long after Keith said that, the roar of the bikes started and soon enough the drivers were doing flips and tricks in the air immediately catching Kora's attention.

Keith pulled out his phone video taping her reaction. A look of amazement and surprise and little bit of fear appeared on her face as she oo'd and aww'd.

Kora continued eating her fries and watching the show. "Hawey. Aren't they scared?"

Hailey looked down at the girl. "I don't think so sweetheart. You have to be strong and brave to do this. There might be times where they get a little bit scared. But who knows."

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