im done

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hi hi it's erin

so like umm

i hate pe with every part of me and never participate. but the one time i do participate and have fun, everyone ditches the game and it was so unfair. only seven of us continued playing. our teacher even hates pe and uses the students who don't participate as an excuse to go back into the classroom.

literally, she closed the door on us seven students. then some left and there four of us and since we didn't have enough players for kickball basketball, we just through the ball at each other. and unfortunately, for our teacher all staff has to play a game of kickball against the sixth graders and she cant even kick a damn ball.

we literally stayed outside for ten minutes after everyone went back inside because we didn't want to be tortured and we were just out there talking about our lives and my friend (same friend from the rant labeled "i'm so annoyed") who was out with me kept teasing me because my crush was out there with us.

also, i dont feel like making a whole other chapter for this so imma do it here.


1. she lives in california

2. her stans include, the orlandos, zieglers, leblancs, summeralls, brynn aran ashlee rumfallo, zoe laverne pemberton, jayden bartels, sophie michelle, gus mcmillan, william franklyn miller, chase keith and many more.

3. her favorite colors are yellow and black.

4. she has been a fan of johnny for six years.

5. her favorite songs are sunflower by post malone and swae lee and thank u, next by ariana grande.

6. her favorite song by johnny is waste my time.

7. her favorite song by kenzie is nothing on us.

8. her favorite song by annie is picture this.

9. her favorite song by indiana is run you down.

10. besides johnny, kenzie, annie, hayden, indiana, and gus, my favorite singers are billie eilish and shawn mendes.

11. her favorite song by billie is ocean eyes.

12. her fave song by shawn there's nothing holding me back.

13. her favorite song by gus is bent and broken.

14. she's socially awkward

15. she's 11 (im young wowie)

16. she can play piano and literally only plays johnny orlando on it.

17. she's been playing piano since 2015 and she also wants to learn the ukelele or guitar.

18. she's filipina but born in america.

19. im not flexible whatsoever

20. my catchphrase are "i cant breathe" or "what the fuck?"

21. im very awkward and just never say anything.

22. im in sixth grade.

23. i like singing

ok im done sksks peace ✌🏻 💀

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