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forward: massie was 16 when she moved across the country. to a new school and a new life. her mother had died and she lived with her over protective father who had just been job transferd, it was the middle of the year and she was sent to a prvet school where everyone was smart and stuck up, rich and spoiled, or so she thought.

as i walked out of the school ofice i ran nito someone. when i looked up there was a boy. he was slightly taller then me, had brown hair and a very nice smile 

"sorry" he said. the voice took my breath away and i quickly walked away.i got lost in the hallway on my way to class. god damit i though, why does this always happen to me? 

"may i help you?" said a sweet voice. i whipped around. "my names violette, but call me vio, whats your name?" 

"my names massie, and i need to find room 205A." 

:oh thats on the other side of the school. 2nd floor. meet me at lumch out side the cafiteria. see you then." i probably should have said thankyou, but i just dashed away.

i diddnt meet her at lunch, in fact i ditched lumch all together. as i sat outside the boy i ran into earlier came up to me and sat down. when i liijed up at him he looked alot like tat vio girl. 

"hey" he said "whats your name? the names shawn" 

"hey.. my names massie" when i glanced back at the school i saw vio standing there. she diddnt look mad, i fact she smiled. shawn followed my gaze.  

"you know vio?" he asked. 

"no not really, she just gave me directions to my class. you?" 

"you could say i do, shes nice." i saw vio walking torwards us. 

"hey" she said. "wanna come over to my house after school massie?" 

"you shoud mass, her house is AWESOME." when i got on the bus with vio latr i saw shawn.

"you live near vio?"  

"yeah, neibors in fact" i raised my eye brows and he shrugged. when the bus started people began to point and whisper at me. i turned towards the windows as shawn and vio continued to talk. when we got to vios she grabbed my hand and dashed inside and ran up to her room. we blasted music, and i was very thankful for her. when we went downstairs about an hour later shwn was standing in the middle of the kitchen, ripping a bag of chips open with his teeth.  

"hey kids" said a female voice coming from the living room. "how was school." the lady came in i suspected it was vios mom, and shawns? "oh i see vio brought a friend home, or are you sawns friend?" 

"oh and massie" vio said " me and shwn are twins.

ok so im usualy the good girl. the one that gets home on time, always calls if shes ganna be late, finishes homewrok first, is polite, but two hours later i found myself making out with shawn, on the couch, arms entwined. it felt so good i diddnt want to stop. his hand rested on my waiste as he looked straight into my eyes and leaned in for another kiss. his hair felt so soft between my fingers.  

"i put my hands up in the air sometimes........." my phone rang. shawn looked at me and i shrugged. 

"cousin texting me" it can wait.  

"massie shawn wanna.... wow.. ok then ...." said vio walking in. 

"our song is the seven screen doors...." this time both of them looked at me. 

"shit. its my dad. i have to go guys. ill see you tomrrow." i rushed outside and ran home luckily they only lived two blocks away. 

"massie maria sanchos" shouted my dad the second i walked into the door. "you dont have a phone for no reason, you know your apose to call when ur not coming straight home after school." 

"dad come on. i was making new friends after you ripped me up from my home and moved me out here." he looked shocked as he stormed upstairs. i myself was shocked.  

"mass, MASS, MASSIE!" vio said. 


"stop staring at sam, hes ganna make you like hiim" 

"what?" i looked at her quizically. 

"i use to date him, he cheated on me. hes a player. he can get any girl to like him. besides dont brake shawns heart." 

"ohh thats why." when we were at lunch later and hand came up behind me and touched my waiste, before i could turn around they wrapped their arms around my waiste and pulled me in.  

"hey baby" shawn said as i melted into him, smelling his sweet smell.

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