25.Ally and Normani

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"Guys I swear that's them," I said while squinting my eyes trying to focus, "when was the last time we saw then?" I asked.
Only Dinah and Lauren replied "since primary school," they replied while turning around. "It's been too long, they look so mature, and the one thing they never lost was their beauty, they've changed so much they're almost unrecognisable."Well what are we waiting for?" Dinah said "let's go up to them," I quickly grabbed her arm before she could go up to them "woah woah slow down," I said "we can't just go up to them randomly, they probably don't recognise us I mean it's been years since they've seen us," they looked so grown up but Ally was still short which made me laugh a little.

Normani Y/N
"Hey Ally I swear that's Y/N, Dinah and Lauren?" I asked Ally as she was picking out a baguette from the sandwich section .She turned around as quick as a flash. We were just talking about these guys a few days ago and how we thought we saw then but this was really them in front of our eyelids, but I think they were also talking about us cause I could see Y/N whispering to Dinah and Lauren sneaking in quick looks.

Y/N looked so damn beautiful, I remember her in primary and how much of schoolkid she really dressed as and how I always use to steal her juice packets and give her the water but I always returned the juice, just half empty.

Oh Lauren, I don't where to start, I always saw Lauren as my little role model because she always had everything I loved. I did have a crush on her, I always found myself convincing myself that I didn't but I think that lowkey I did have an crush on and how could you not? She's got the skin, the eyes, the hair, the perfect body, and now looking at her she looks too beautiful to be true.

But when it comes to Dinah I'd drop everything, I'll admit that I always had a crush on Dinah I mean like it's DINAH She was the cool one in primary and the thing is when I got bullied she'd be there to help me up and let me hang around with her, we became so close with each other that one night at a sleepover we kissed and it wasn't supposed to happen it just...happened, after that we just never spoke and I don't know why, she tried talking to me but I tried shutting her out because I was too scared but the stupid thing is, I know she cared, and my stupid self did a stupid thing. And now setting my eyes on her she's so damn beautiful but her eyes seem to be fixed on someone else and that's the boy sitting across from her. My heart kinda ached at that sight.

"What are we gonna do Ally?" I asked while paying for my lunch "legit 3 of our long lost friends are sitting there with 3 other people and we can't just ignore them," I said "Well we have to talk to them soon, we can't just stand here and stare," Ally replied "she grabbed my hand "come on" she started dragging me towards them.

"Guys they're coming this way, they know it's us, they know it's us, they know it's us," I said while staring at them.

They came to a halt in front of us and Normani looked really shy, the complete opposite to Ally "hi sorry to bother you guys but me and friend just thought that you three looked really familiar and we thought we knew you from somewhere," Ally said switching her sight between me, Lauren and Dinah, I was the first to speak "urmm you're not wrong, we were thinking the same, Ally and Normani right?" I asked, as soon as I said their name both of them had looked up staring between me and the rest of us "y-yeh that's us," they replied while smiling "god it's been too long but anyways this is Camila, my girlfriend,that's Troy and that's Jordan I said while pointing at them, "guys" I said "Ally and Normani," I said while introducing them "take a seat, we have a lot to catch up on," I requested.

We all sat at the table and it was awkward at first but all of us slowly eased into convosation and I think that this is actually it now, this is our group, it's weird because it happened so quickly and all of us are laughing and having a good time, almost like we never split up "but there was this time where Y/N pushed this kid in the bin because he pushed her best friend," Normani said while laughing "oh my god" I exclaimed while face palming myself. "I told him to back off and he was pissing me off it wasn't my fault," I said innocently while holding my hands up. "My baby's so strong," Mila whispered into my ear, I bit my lip. "Baby stopppp" I whispered "you're turning me onnn" while my hand gripped her thigh I heard her moan a little, "guys stop having sex in the schoollll," Lauren said while laughing as she threw chips at me and Mila. "Ugh fuck you Lauren," I said while giving her my middle finger.

"I'm loving thissss," Normani said while eating her baguette and switching eyes between me and Mila "how long?" Me and Mila exchanged looks and smiled cheekily "a year and few months," I replied while kissing her cheek.

"Guys I was thinking of having a get together in the weekend,like all of us just having a small party, I'll set the barbecue out and we can just relax, what do you guys say," I asked. Everyone exchanged looks "I'm down," Lauren replied "Yeh me too dawg," Dinah replied "me too" everyone else replied apart from Normani and Ally "you know you guys can come right? I said reassuringly "are you sure," Ally asked we don't wanna interrupt your time together."

"It's cool?" I replied. "Plus, you're one of us now," I said while winking "thanks," they said while smiling showing off their white pearly teeth.

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