Bato part 4

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After a while of letting the water tribe walk in front, Aang and I followed in suit, heading back to camp. Since we walked slowly, when we arrived, katara was securing her large pack with the help of Bato. Sokka already had his own bag on his back, gripping the straps tightly with a dissmisive scowl on his face as we approached.

It was clear that he wasn't in the mood to talk, but Katara walked over with a sad smile on her face. "Good luck." Was all she could manage to say.
"You too." We both replied and we heard Sokka call his sister.

As Katara turned and began to walk the long road with her family, Pepper growled, showing her eagerness to leave. "I guess we should go." Aang sighed and the woman who made the stew earlier nodded in agreement.

We each jumped up to our own bison, flying high and watching three familiar blurs slowly walk down the winding path below.

Feeling Aang pain, I decided to jump over and comfort him at the back of Appa. "I'm such an idiot." He mumbled and I took his shoulder. "I understand why you did what you did." I said, trying to cheer him up or take away some guilt.

I could tell that he wanted to be alone, so I stood up, preparing to jump back to Pepper. Suddenly, in the distance, I spotted ashy grey smoke dancing in the sky among the pure white clouds. It came from the place we just left.

"Aang!" I cried, pointing to the fog and he stood up, a small gasp escaping his lips. Without another word to each other, we pulled a sharp u-turn on the bison reigns and headed back to the camp.

"What happened?" I asked Mother Superior as soon as we landed. She shook my shoulders, panting and out of breathe.
"There's a girl with a monster and a boy with a scar! They're destroying the abbey near by!"

"Zuko!" Aang hissed, his fists already tightening. "How did he know we were here?" I shrugged but Superior began pointing back.
"They had a necklace, the monster kept looking at it!"

"Maybe it's Katara's!" I guessed and with all the information, grabbed our gliders and flew in the direction of chaos.

When we got on site, I saw Katara and Sokka talking to Zuko. They should have left by now, what are they doing?

Suddenly, the massive mole monster was smelling Sokkas blue back pack and it looked like the beast was heading straight for us. Aang flew up circling around the beast in the sky.

I was about to do the same when a splitter headache crashed through my skull. I stumbled back, gripping my head and dropping my glider on the floor.

"Trouble..." A hoarse voice scratched through my mind. "Med-meditate..."
The pain abruptly stopped after the message was delivered and I managed to regain my balance.

Meditate? Something was wrong with the spirit world. But how could that be possible if the spirit world was made of spirit?

Suddenly, a crash of a pot brought me back to reality as I flicked my glider open and flew over to the fight. 

Aang and Zuko were fighting on top of a roof while the woman and beast fought Appa and Pepper. I ran over jumping high and aiming a kick straight at her but I was too late to save the bison. The monster licked the pair repeatedly until they fell to the ground. Where was zuko finding these people?

"Pepper! Appa!" I cried, trying to run over but something caught my shirt. I turned and managed to duck just in time before the woman could strike me.

We were in a full fight and I used my staff to bring her to the ground, well, the side of a wall.

"Hey, I'm getting some feeling back." I heard Sokka exclaim and I turned around see him lying on the floor, his limbs twisted and his body heavy. Bricks immediately fell down and crushed his poor bones and he groaned in agony.

I ran over to him, pulling him through the rubble and helping him sit up. His eyes trailed up and I followed them.

The woman and her monster looked fully recovered as they chased Aang and Katara, along with zuko. He lunged over at Aang but he managed to use his own momentum against him and through him and a ceramic large pot. Instead of empty air like before, this one released colourful smelling scents. The monster whinned and held its paws to its nose.

"That's it!" Sokkas cried, clicking his fingers. "That thing sees with its nose right?" Not waiting for an answer, he carried on. "We have to mess up it's smell!"

Clicking my fingers as well, my eyes went wide. "The perfume!" He nodded in agreement and I left him leaning on the wall while I ran over to the pots of perfume scents.

Using my staff, I wacked a golf swing amount of air towards the barrels, knocking them over and smashing them all over the floor. I noticed Aang backing into a corner thanks to zuko and the woman so o used my staff again to guide the sparkles over to the beast.

It freaked out and began waving its head all over the place, it's tongue whipping out at everything near by. After running in circles, it jumped the wall and ran away. Both Zuko, the woman and Iroh, someone I didn't even notice there, were paralyzed on the floor.

That's when I realised Pele wasn't there, but I didn't complain.

After helping clear up and apologising for the mess, we all loaded back up to Appa and flew through the skies.

Awkward silence filled the air and I was the first to talk. " What happened? I though you were going to find your dad." I asked and Sokkas sighed, knowing that he had to answer.

"We realised that you guys were more important. Aang," He began, turning his body, "I'm sorry I over reacted eailer. It wasn't until we left that we understood that your also our family, and you need us more." He smiled gratefully.
"I promise to never kept anything that big from you again." He said and I arched my eyebrow.
"Airbender's honour?" I asked and he laughed along with the rest of us.

"Airbender's honour." He agreed. "I will never keep a secret, like how I got Katara a present." He held up the blue water tribe necklace Katara had lost with a cheeky grin on his face.

While they talked, my mind wondered else where.
I need meditate, and fast.

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