Chapter 8

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Nathan sat, lending against the wall for support, his is so tired from all the beating and yelling, he barely closed his eyes all night, the room is dark and there is a wolf in here, how can one sleep knowing their is a wolf in the room.

Nathan rub his eyes, he brought his kneels to his chest wincing as his arm touched his kneel. He raised his sleeve to reveal two deep holes, and some small ones, printing a teeth, the big hole are made by the canines, while the small ones by the incisors. The both hurts, Nathan took a shaky breath. He brought his sleeves down.

He heard movement behind the door, then came a click, the door was pushed opened allowing light in the room, Nathan closed his eyes due to the dazzling light.

Minster, you can go get ready for the day, Weston spoke breaking the eternal silence.

Nathan slowly opened his eyes, still blinking them to get acquainted with the brightness of the day. He followed Weston stopping in front of his room.

No minster not here, Weston said.


M-master Richard asked us to transfer you to a new room, far from Ethan. Weston sigh.

Why ? I-i, Nathan's voice came out hoarse, from all the crying and lack of water.

Weston sigh, he thinks you'll hurt your brother.

Tears slowly made their way down Nathan's dried cheeks.

They stopped in front of a new door, Weston pushed it opened. This is your new room, your things are already in the wardrobe. I'll come look for you in ten minutes. He excite the room.

The room was big, with a queen size bed with white sheets, and a brown desk with chair, there were cupboards and a nightstand panted in brown. The room was coloured white. Nathan stood in front of a door, he twisted the knob revealing a big bathroom, he shut the door, removing his clothes, he noticed a lot of marks from the whip, and the bite was turning purple. He took a shower and brush his teeth. He grab some new clothes from the wardrobe, a black skinny jeans, with a white T-shirt, finally he grab a black hoodie, he hate hoodies, in fact they hated hoodies. But today he's gonna make an exception, before putting the hoodie, he grab the hairbrush slowly brushing his ginger hair, his head began aching.

Tap tap, there was a soft knock on the door. He didn't answer, the door cracked opened.

Am sorry minster but is- Weston gasped stopping in mid sentence, your arm, he ran to the bathroom and grab the first aid knit returning back to Nathan.
You got bitten, why did you say anything !

I-i was scared, Nathan said as Weston treat his wound, he winced a little. Till Weston was done finally wrapping the wound.

Let's go, Weston said.

Nathan reach for his hoodie slipping his hands in the sleeves. He walked behind Weston.

Good ! You took an eternity Butler.

Nathan gasp, his heart pounding, why him ?

Here he is, the bad boy, Anderson praise rudely. Weston you might leave. Weston glance at Nathan whose head was facing the floor, and he Left.

We'll discuss more in my office, he dragged the frightened kid in his office. Nathan scan the room, big with a large desk and two chairs. There was a whip hanged on the wall, Nathan gasped another desk with a chair, smaller than the first on, it was facing the wall in the dark corner, a shelf and piles of papers and books. Nathan gasped.

Good ! now we are settled. Anderson smiled as he sat on his chair behind his desk. Let's talk more about your behavior. Why did you run away ?

Nathan remind silent, staring at his shoes.

You better start speaking, am becoming inpatient ! He half yelled but nothing. He got up then grab Nathan's injured arm.
Nathan hissed. He slammed the other door in his office opened. There was a tap and a sink, he grab a basin felling it with water, Nathan watched him. He stomped to Nathan pulling him in front of the basin full of water.
BY THE TIME AM DONE WITH YOU, YOU'LL BECOME AN AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE ! Anderson growled, roughly pushing Nathan's head in the basin. When Nathan was out of breath he struggled but Anderson won't let go. At the last minute Nathan thought he was going to die, that's when his head was pulled up, Nathan didn't stop coughing trying to catch his breath.
Answer me ! Anderson growled, but nothing just only Nathan coughing. He pull Nathan head back, pulling it up every 40 sec.

O-ok-key ! Nathan said between breath. After the 10th time.

Ah ! You ready to speak now ? Anderson asked with a smirk, having Nathan nodded quickly his smirk grew wider.

I-i w-was s-scared, Nathan stuttered.

And why ?

H-he w-was g-gonna p-punish me.

Do you think endangering your brother was necessary ?

N-no s-sir, a-am s-sorry. Nathan stuttered in fear.

Good, Anderson reach for a towel, take. With that he walked out. Nathan wipe his face, he took a long breath before walking out too. Now ! Is time to face the consequence of your action. Nathan almost collapsed hearing that.


Auntyyy !!! Ethan screamed running in a bone crushed hug with his aunt.

Wow Ethan you didn't tell me you were visiting, Mirabel exclaimed.

Yeah, it happened at the last minute, sorry. Ethan mumbled

Where is Nathan ? Mirabel looked around.

He couldn't come, Ethan lied

Why ? You boys are never separated.

I know but I was craving to see you, you missed me, em...I mean us.

Aww, baby what happened to your brother ? She asked

H-he hurt his feet. Ethan lied nervously

Oh my gosh ! She gasped

Ethan rolled his eyes mentally. why does she have to talk about him ?. But aunt are you not happy to see me ?

Of curse sweet heart ! She pull him in another hug, kissing the top of his hair. He smile, that's what he wanted all her attention !


Nathan weakly open his door, he collapsed on the bed, he's been working all day with no company. Only had time for lunch, which he ate alone, he missed breakfast he was busy, cleaning Anderson office, which after he wrote a lot of things till his fingers were red, he was really busy. But now is dinner time, Anderson said he could leave his punishment was over.
He is too tire to eat, his wound hurt, his head is aching and his muscles are cursing pain from all the cleaning. He didn't see Ethan all day, he was worried.

Nathan lay on his bed after a refreshing shower. Immediately his head hit the pillows he was out like a light.

Weston knocked before walking in, but Nathan was sleeping with his cover on his feet, Weston smiled at that before pulling the cover to his chin, he looked exhausted, if only master Richard could love this kid. Weston thought before kissing Nathan's forhead and exciting the room.

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