54. Vision

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We soon made it back to the Pack House, where Enzo and Cyrus had quickly gotten out of the car. I, on the other hand, needed some time to process what Enzo had said.

I really didn't know how to feel. I was conflicted with my own feelings.

But those feelings didn't matter as much as finding out what was used to make this serum. I picked up the box from the ground and stepped out of the limo.

Making my way to my lesson room and sat down with my legs crossed. I took the cylindrical serum out of the box and placed it on the ground in front of me. The feathers from the bird were still on the ground, scattered across the floor.

I let out a sigh and placed my palms over the serum. I closed my eyes and tried to focus. It was difficult with all the other thoughts that were running through my mind. I squeezed my eyes tighter and called on the Moon Goddess. I waited patiently for the force to come forth and when it finally did, I was hit with a large gush of wind. It almost knocked me backwards but it was gone quickly.

I opened my eyes again and stared at the yellow serum. I fiddled with it for a moment and slowly traced my fingers over the cap. Curiosity hit and I unscrewed the cap, causing the serum to pour out onto my fingers. I gasped with fear as the serum began to glow on my fingertips began to shimmer.

"Oh my Goddess.." I whispered to myself and quickly screwed the cap back on.

I felt dizzy. My head began pounding but it wasn't anything I could handle.

I got up quickly and made my way to the bathroom. I desperately needed to wash my hands. I stepped into the small bathroom and turned on the tap. I rushed my fingers under the water and rubbed my hands furiously.

Suddenly my heart race increased instantly and  my balance became unstable. I grasped the ends of the tap tightly and squeezed my eyes shut.


I was in a dark room. The only light source came from a large ceiling bulb in the centre. it was so cold and I was barefoot, the soles of my feet screaming with pain.

In front of me were numerous hospitals type beds arranged in a straight line. The beds seemed to be endless as I spun around and found more beds. It all seemed to increase as I kept spinning.

When I stood still, I spotted a blond haired man. He was sitting on the side of one bed and was connecting tubes to another unknown man. The patient in the chair had lost all colour in his eyes. He laid there paralyzed in the chair as the blond man stuck needles into his arm.

The man didn't say a word, he simply drained purple blood from his arm, similar to my blood.

The blond man took several samples of the patient's blood, almost emptying him completely. Anxiety flooded into me and I ran towards him.

"Stop! You'll kill him!" I yelled but no words came out. I rushed towards the chair and grabbed the blond man by his arm but my hands seemed to slip through him.

I couldn't feel him. He couldn't feel me.

When the man was done, he placed the purple blood bags into a black box and walked towards a desk towards the left. I walked over to the patient in the chair and pity filled my eyes.

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