Deep thoughts with Kaycee

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Kaycee groaned as she blindly slapped at her phone screen attempting to turn off the obnoxious alarm that intruded into her perfectly peaceful sleep. This was the worst part about doing jobs like this. The waking up early. She finally rolled out of a her bed in such an awkward and graceless manner that if anyone had seen it, her ability as a dancer would be put seriously question. Heck, her ability to function as a regular human would be put into question.

She stumbled into her bathroom, feeling her way through the darkness as she decided the alarm was more than enough assault to her senses for one morning and left the lights off.She quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face. Then she looked at her straightener. And stared at it contemplatively. If I don't straighten my hair I can get 10 more minutes of sleep. We're not filming today anyways... and it's so early. No one can blame me for looking like an untamed lion. Can they?

Her decision was made. She pulled on some black leggings and an oversized hoodie before flopping back onto her bed where she remained unmoving until her alarm piped up again ten minutes later.


"You look eager to see me," Sean commented sarcastically as he got into the car. Kaycee tried her best to smile at him but it came out more as a grimace. "Here, maybe these will help."

Kaycee grabbed the container that he passed her and raised her eyebrows at him questioningly, still far too tired and unaccepting of her "awake" state to speak.

"Cinnamon rolls" Sean replied. "I was forced to make them for as a thank you from my mom... and from me" he added.

Kaycee opened the lid and sighed as the sweet cinnamon smell filled the car, her eyes fluttering closed in delight and a small smile gracing her lips. She took a roll out and began to nibble at it as she pulled out of Sean's driveway in silence. Sean observed the scene with an amuse smirk on his face.

"You're really not a morning person are you," he laughed. To this Kaycee replied with an unapologetic shake of her head.


Half an hour later, Kaycee pulled up outside of the house the were filming in and finally uttered her first words of the day

"Those were some good cinnamon rolls"

Sean let out a mock gasp, "It speaks! And you're welcome"

They got out of the car an began to walk up to the house as a boisterous woman came out and met them "You guys must be Sean and Kaycee! I'm the director! Come in, come in, let me show you the place!"

Sean could feel Kaycee immediately tense up beside him. He could sense the anxiety radiating off of her and remembered, she was always uncomfortable around new people. He noted it and made sure to draw as much attention away from her as possible as they toured the house, asking and answering all the questions, while making sure she wasn't ignored in the conversation. This didn't slip Kaycee's notice and she felt immensely grateful to him and... she felt safe.

They stopped in a room just by the pool outside, A sofa and coffee table was framed in the centre of the room, an ornate chandelier hanging over top. Early morning light was beginning to stream in through the windows, casting a soft glow over the furniture in the room.

"I'll leave you guys here. Feel free to explore some more of you want and call if you have any questions. We'll do a run through of the different spots and shots you want at three and the we leave at five." the director said to them. Kaycee had been so nervous earlier she hadn't even caught her name. "I'm so excited to see what you guys come up with."

With that she walked away. Sean looked around and Kaycee observed the way he looked at everything, seeing possibilities that were not apparent to well, anyone but him. He began to walk away so Kaycee quickly grabbed his arm.

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