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From: Lucy Bridgers
To: Emma Jones


This can't be happening, how the fuck are you not working at school anymore? You're moving to New York? NEW YORK? What am I supposed to do? Reply to me ASAP or accept me on insta for God's sake.

From: Emma Jones
To: Lucy Bridgers

Subject: Calm down!

Hey Lucy!

I know you're mad about this, but this has nothing to do with school or with you. This is a personal matter and choice. I will miss our sessions, truly. And you've progressed so much, I know you'll keep moving forward. I'm moving away fully trusting that you'll do good for yourself. And if there's ever something crazy going on in that mind of yours, you can always e-mail me. I'll do what I can to help you. Stay good and safe, Lucy.

PS - I did finally accept you on Instagram :) xoxo

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