⚫Chapter 56⚫

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Elias and I watched as both armies began to make their way down the mountains. It was like a never-ending line of werewolves as they came towards us.

Some of Roman's wolves seemed to be utterly confused but soon responded by charging towards Alpha Adamus and Alpha Nephele's army. As soon as Adamus reached the first wolf, he clawed his eye out in rage. He then stomped his paw against the muddy ground causing it to open up. Around fifty of Roman's wolves fell deep into the Latum Alterum.

Damn, where had he been this entire time? His wolves from Regnum Terra began to throw huge rocks into the air and at the enemy.

I continued watching as noticed Nephele's wolf started to turn her head fast in circles. Was she ok? What was she doing? Then all of a sudden the sky opened up and a tornado began to form from above her. She snarled as it whipped through the opposing side picking up many werewolves. It suddenly exploded sending Roman's army flying.

Then I saw a great tsunami of water appear from the west. It collapsed onto the monstrous wolf making it fall back. It then emained still on the ground not moving at all.

Neha - Well that was easy.

But then no later than a heartbeat, the wolf was up again. It opened its mouth to breathe out fire. I could see a blue force field wrap around Sebastian protecting his wolves and himself from it.

Then on the left-hand side, a massive mudslide started forming. It sent wolves sliding away from the East preventing them from getting anywhere near Regnum Terra.

It was complete chaos. Huge amounts of water, ice, fire, lava, rocks, and mud were being thrown at the wolves by their opposing sides. As I continued standing watching our side try and defeat Roman's, I unexpectedly felt a weird sensation fill my body.

I raced towards a cliff near me and jumped onto it allowing me to stay isolated away from everyone. My vision became blurry as I suddenly began to see the earth.

Massive wildfires burned in states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon. My mouth hung open seeing tectonic plates ridge apart causing earthquakes in countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Nepal, Turkey, and India. Tornados destroying people's home, villages, and towns in Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, and even Bangladesh. The Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil was no longer standing. Hurricanes and tsunamis in Japan, Chile, and Portugal completely removed them off of the earth. Egypt had been wiped out with a massive sand storm that destroyed the many pyramids including The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Tears started falling down my face as I started to sob seeing our earth being destroyed. Millions of innocent people were dying because of this mess. All at once, I started to see our pack house. It was in flames. Everyone had gathered outside watching our house burn to the ground. Babies were crying and the children were scared. I saw my own mother as she held on tightly to my father.

"Mom...I am so sorry." And then it ended. I fell to the ground and began to cry out to the moon goddess.


Nailah- You're quite pathetic aren't you.

I turned around to see Nailah's wolf mischievously approach me from behind."DO YOU NOT CARE THAT THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DYING BACK ON EARTH?!" I yelled at her in anger.

Nailah- You see, the earth doesn't concern me. Once Roman destroys you and your friends, he'll destroy everybody else living here. It will only be him left to rule.

"Why on earth are you doing this? Sebastian doesn't like you. He has a mate out there who is waiting for him. And so do you!"

Nailah- Oh shut up. I can't believe you actually believe in that nonsense.

"It's not nonsense! You don't have to live like this. You can end this right now!"

Nailah- And why would I do that?

"Nailah. I guarantee you, Roman will kill you. After he's gotten what he wants, you'll no longer be needed. So please! Help us stop him!"

Nailah- Never.

And with that, she came lunging towards me with a growl. I rolled away from her swiftly before getting up to defend myself. She hastily backed away from me bowing her head down. What was she doing?

Fire shot out of her mouth as she started to draw a ring around me trapping me. Oh no, this wasn't good.

It became extremely hot as I stood there trying to stay as far away from the ring as possible. I could see Nailah's wolf standing on the outside with a smirk on her face.

Nailah- You should stay there. You're kind of in the way.

Then out of nowhere, I saw a wolf leap into the air and pounce on Nailah's wolf. It bit her in the neck before opening its mouth to push her off of the cliff with its water powers. It was Mateo.

Mateo- You alright?

"Yes, I am fine. Thank you."

What came next was the one thing I was not expecting to happen. It was too out of the ordinary and caused my heart to stop beating for many seconds. I raced towards the edge of the cliff to see Roman's monster take a knee to the ground. He bent his head low as he suddenly began to make jagged breathing sounds.

Then as he got up, he grew. Before he was roughly around a hundred feet, but now he was pretty close to three hundred. In the blink of an eye, I gasped staring at the monster as a blanket of fire instantly covered him from his furry head to his huge paws.

It was truly the devil in his natural state.

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