Cover #34

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This cover is for Savanna Tucker.

Title: Survival

Author: Savanna Tucker

Graphic: Cover

Mood: Happy/Sad

Ideas: Two girls sitting next to each other in a tree house and then a natural disaster coming towards them.

Fonts: silver/green

Colors: title colors

Awwthentic Note: I'm afraid all the specifications about the idea that had been given couldn't be made because I just coudln't find any such image in a single picture or even two, to work upon them. Adding a tree house covers most of the section so opted out of it. And chose this image for it kind of gives the same feeling as the theme of the story follows. I'm not sure if she likes it or not but its completely my interpretation so I will not mind if she is not using it. I changed the background colors to indicate an arrival of storm kind of thing and had a text effect done.

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