Chapter 21

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Rowan sat at her new desk across from Harry's and watched him. He shuffled through paperwork endlessly and was always typing while he didn't let her do anything. She was stuck doing meaningless tasks while he did everything important.

"Would you call Louis and check up on him?" Harry asked and she rolled her eyes nodding grabbing her phone from the desk and standing up to exit the room.

"Where are you going?" He asked sharply and Rowan didn't say anything as she continued up the stairs. She passed what was now Penny's nursery and slipped inside for a moment to watch her sleep. She was the most beautiful little sleeper anyone had probably ever seen.

She made her way out to the backyard and sat in one of the shaded chairs kicking her feet up to dial Louis. While it rang, she watched as many people rushed around the yard. It seemed day and night this is what they did, rushing around with probably somewhere important to be but she never knew where they were going. She felt like she didn't know a damn thing about this place other than where her bedroom was and how to find Zayn or Liam at all times.

"Hello?" She heard Louis' voice say into the phone and she smiled.

"Hi Lou."

"Oh my sweet Rowan! How are you love?" He asked sounding more relaxed.

"I'm good. Bored, but Harry wanted me to call and check up on you." She said watching as Zayn exited one of the back buildings and waved her down. She took the steps lightly, walking rather slow as Louis continued to talk.

"Bored, huh? Your psycho brother wanting to kill you just wasn't enough excitement for you?" He asked and Rowan laughed into the phone joining Zayn on a golf cart. She kicked her feet up as he drove it around.

"No, Harry just won't let me do a thing. I can't be out of his sight for more then ten minutes at a time or a whole brigade comes to find me. I can't do anything important like sign letters or type documents. Hell, Louis, I can't even get my own food!" She sighed as Zayn stopped and get off the golf cart near the pool she used to love. Zayn gave her a signal saying he'd be just a minute and she nodded.

"Oh come on, Ro. He lost the only thing important to him for a few weeks and he went mad. Cut the kid some slack, love. You know he just wants to protect you." Rowan sighed and let her feet guide her to the pool area.

"I don't need him to protect me Louis, why can't he protect someone else? Penny needs protecting, why can't he have her shoved up in his office all day?" Louis laughed and Rowan knew he was probably shaking his head at her.

"Penny can't even say two words Princess, he doesn't have to worry about her running off and getting into trouble like someone I know does quite often." Rowan nodded pacing around the pool and dangling her fingers along the trees that surrounded her.

"I know it's annoying. I miss you, he's at least a little sane when you're around." She smiled. Her eyes caught sight of a little shed near the pool and she inched towards it to see if Harry was hiding pool floaties from her this entire time.

"I miss you too Princess, it was fun sneaking around your brother and father." He said and she tried to tug on the handle of the door in front of her.

"How is my father? Harry said he's in hiding somewhere?" She asked.

"I know he's okay, after Holden went batshit your father just left in the middle of the night. But I swear to you, he's okay." Rowan nodded even though Louis couldn't see her and pulled harder on the door until it slightly budged open.

"I have to get going Princess, but please call more often. And don't drive yourself mad with Harry." He laughed before the two exchanged goodbyes and Rowan slipped her phone into her back pocket.

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