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Mia had lost her Parents In Car Accident .

She was then adopted by Her Aunt who never wanted her .

Her Aunt was abusive until she died Drug overdose leaving her fend to herself.

She took an apartment after her Father's house.

But she didn't knew her life was going down hill for better ......

It was Night in Newyork Mia finished her Work at local Shop and started to heading to home .

When she Looked up to the Coffee shop and decided to go inside .

She enters and smiled at lady at counter " Welcome Dear It's late so I was gone close the shop but you can sit "

" Sure Mam " Mia sat in chair .

Elsa was in her 30's she was running this Coffee shop which she worked along with her father .

She always wanted to have family but doctor said she couldn't have Kids and that broke her to pieces .

She wasn't going to adopt because that was lot paperwork .

But when Mia walked inside she looked like a lost little girl .

" Sweety what may I get you " Elsa asked .

" One Cappuccino Coffee please " Mia said .

Elsa wasn't gone let this perfect little girl from her hand she removed Her sleeping pills she uses for nights she is stressed and mixed it in Coffee .

" Here it is Sweetie " Mia smiled and started Drinking while Elsa smiled.

Before Mia could Stand from her Seat she felt Weak and Dizzy and Her Vision got black.

" Ssshhh , Sweet dreams Little girl Mommy has Gotcha " Mia herd before passing out and Elsa kissed her forehead .

To be continued.....


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