Chapter Eight

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Dani's POV.

We arrived school, Maddie met with her friends and Eddie and I walked to the principal's office.

Eddie walked in and I sat outside the office waiting for him. While I was waiting, I saw two people, a girl and a boy. The girl was small, about my size, thin, white skin, her cheeks had a pink that made her look younger, Her eyes were hazel, and she had brown hair she was very pretty. She wore a short white dress with a red belt and matching hight heels.

The boy was much taller than her, his eyes were hazel just like hers, he had black messy hair, white skin, his style was different from hers, He wore jeans, a black hoodie and combat boots.

They stood in front of me.

- You're new here? I haven't see you around. - the girl said.

- uh yeah, My... dad... is signing me up - I said not so sure.

- Oh, I'm Jade Collins. - she said.

- I'm Danielle...  Lovato?  - I said.

- You sure?  You sound doubtful haha - the boy spoke. - I'm Colton Collins, Jade's twin.

- Really? - I said shocked, they look so different.

- Yeah, we're not identical though hahaha - Colton said.

- And I hear a hallelujah! - Jade said throwing her hands in the air.

- Shut up - Colton said and I just laugh at them.

- You wanna hang out with us after school?  - Jade asked me.

- I'd love to, but I can't, I have plans with my sister. - I said.

- Oh it's okay, maybe tomorrow. - Colton said smiling.

- Ah sure - I said smiling back and blushing.

- Well, we have to go to class, it was nice to meet you Dani - Jade said.

- You too - I said.

- Bye Lovato - Said Colton.

- Bye Collins - I said.

Just when they were out of my sight, Eddie walked out the office.

- Hey kiddo, you're sign up already - he said smiling.

- Cool. Do I start today?  - I asked.

- Actually I was thinking we could go for an ice cream and Talk a little, you can start tomorrow. - he said.

- You're the best haha - I said walking to the car with him.

- I know - he said.

- What the hell is wrong with this family?!  Hahahaha - I said joking.

- Hahahaha let's go. - he said and we went for ice cream.

He paid for the ice creams and we sat down in a table.

- How's your ice cream? - he asked.

- Is good, how's yours? - I asked him back.

- it's good. - it went silence for a moment but it wasn't awkward until he broke it. - listen, Dani, I know you just met me, but I'm here for you, whatever you need, whatever you want, I'm here for you, I know I'll never replace your dad, but I'll look after you as my own, just like I do with your sisters. - he said looking into my eyes while holding my hands in his.

- Thank you Eddie, that means a lot to me, it's good to know that someone care - I said starting to tear up.

- Oh honey don't cry - he said hugging me.

- Thanks - I said hugging him back.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes before he pulled away.

- We should go home, Dallas must be waiting for you. - he said.

- Yeah, sure - I said.

After 15 minutes, we arrived home. Dallas and Dianna were in the kitchen and Demi was watching TV in the living room.

- Hey, how was school?  - Dallas asked me.

- Actually, we spent the morning together, just talking - Eddie said.

- Really? Was it fun? - Dianna asked.

- Yeah, Eddie it's a really fun man hahaha - I said.

- I'm glad you guys had fun - Dianna said smiling.

- Did you unpacked yesterday? - Dallas asked.

- No, I was too tired - I said.

- Go unpack, Demi can you help Dani unpack? - Dianna said.

- No - she said without even looking at us.

- Demi we talk abou... - she cut her off.

- I said no. - she yelled turning the tv off and heading to her room.

- I'm sorry Dani, she's just... she needs time... - Dianna apologized.

- It's Okay, I get it - I smiled weakly at her - Uh I'll go unpack, excuse me. - I said walking to the guest room.

I wanted to cry so bad. She doesn't want me, well, who does?


Guys, I'm fucking sick! There's a epidemic here in Venezuela and there's no medicine!!!  I have fever and my entire body aches!

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