Pi'illo castle

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Off went the Star Allies down the path to Pi'illo castle. For those of you who didn't bother to read the last part, The staff had just put on an act to make them 'feel zee passions' as one of them said. And now, they were off to the main attraction of the Island: Pi'illo castle.

"We're off to the castle, and we're bein' lead by the staff Brocks, Oh yeeeaaah~" Marx sang to himself.

"Marx, I will hammer paint you in the face." Said Dedede, who was annoyed by Marx's singing, which had actually gone on for what felt like hours.

"Hey! Don't use team-up moves without telling me!" Said Adeleine.

In case it isn't obvious already, 'Hammer paint' was the name of a team-up move used by Dedede and Adeleine. It was where Dedede paints his hammer a random color and hits with it.

Anyways, Kirby and his friends continued to follow Broque Monsieur and the Staff members accompanying him, several passersby waved to them. The friends waved back.

After a bit, the Friends all began to socialize.

"How long have we been walking foooooor?" Complained Waddle Dee.

"My feet huuuurt..." Kirby also complained.

"About five minutes, Waddle Dee." Susie answered simply.

Adeleine picked up Kirby to keep his feet from hurting anymore.

They were about to continue when Marx suddenly said,

"Whoah! Look!"

Everyone looked in the direction Marx was looking in. What they saw amazed them.

It was a massive castle

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It was a massive castle... that was a bit on the old-looking side. But the staff had done a good job fixing up some of it, nonetheless.

"OH. MY GOSH." Said Waddle Dee and Marx at the same time.

Shortly after that was said, the two of them, along with Susie, immediately pulled out their cameras.

"We gotta show this to our friends when we go back home!" Marx said excitedly.

"Uh, guys?" Adeleine interrupted them.

The three friends stopped taking pictures for a second, then noticed that Adeleine was trying to quietly tell them that Broque Monsieur had been trying to get their attention for the past few minutes.

The Friends immediately took their last pictures and put their cameras away.

"W-we're sorry, sir." Waddle Dee apologized.

Once they were done putting their cameras away, Broque Monsieur cleared his throat.

"Anyway... Welcome! Oui, Welcome! Welcome to Pi'illo castle!" he said excitedly.

Everyone was so excited.

"Are we enjoying zee good times so far?" Broque Monsieur asked excitedly.

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