8. The Unsolvable Puzzle

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Completely unaware about the outside world, I was laying in my bed. I locked myself into my room for a whole day because I was feeling safe here, as if nothing was wrong.

Thankfully, Carol was not here or it would be difficult to conceal everything from her.

It was midnight, and there was not an ounce of sleep in my eyes. I couldn't sleep a wink since I came back from the Church. My phone rang few times, but I was completely ignoring it. I didn't want to talk to anybody. I even didn't go for my job as well without even informing Andrew.

I could not go to Hobsons anymore. There was no audacity left in me to face anyone from that house. Although, no one could not recognize me there and I ran out of that place safely. But, the biggest confusion was now that was I really married to that guy?

Samara came back, but she was late. It was me who took the wedding vows, it was me who got that ring from Ashar then did I become his wife?

That thought compelling me to kill myself and never to be seen by anyone.

But, there was a possibility that I was not married to him because the Priest and Ashar said Samara's name over and over again, not mine during all the vows and verses. I was just an acting bride.

God, who was going to solve that weird puzzle?

I clutched that wedding ring in my hand. It was with me still, because I didn't get time to return it to its rightful owner. After the Church lights went off, I ran like my life was in danger.

I had to get out from there before they fixed the lights of the place. I returned to the dorm and got rid of Samara's wedding gown instantly.

The dress was there on my bed to remind me the situation I was in.


Next morning, I went through the call history of my phone. The missed calls were from Andrew, Samara and Carol.

Carol had left me few texts, telling that she was coming back this weekend. I left a quick text to her, told her that I would call her soon.

However, I called Andrew and lied to him that I was sick severely that's why, could not inform him about my off for a day.

I had decided to come out of the room and face those problems in which I was trapped because of Samara. I could not just lock myself in this room forever.

Let's see what solution fate has decided for me about the mishap.

I set up a meeting with Samara through a text. May be, she could sort out my confusion about was I married or not.

I had planned to give my resignation to Andrew after meeting with Samara. I could not risk staying there and found out by the family. I had also lost interest in working for them.


When I went to the mansion to prepare breakfast for them, astoundingly, I saw Samara Elizabeth and Ashar were wandering in the front yard garden, chattering and laughing. Her hair and sky-blue sundress were blowing due to light breeze, she seemed so carefree as if nothing was wrong.

Whereas, Ashar was in casual clothes; sweatpants and half-sleeved tee shirt. This was the first time I saw him in his own house. He seemed contented and relaxed in her company.

His appearance began replaying the flashbacks of the wedding day. Fear began to engulf me.

He caught my gaze. I looked away immediately as I was feared he was going to recognize me.

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