Elder (kevin) Price x Catholic! Reader =Hello=

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Low key just wondering how many of you have/follow a specific religion?
I'm catholic right now but moving schools to a Christian school so it's non-denominational :0

Your POV

I take a long deep sip of my slushi, freezing my brain in the process.
"I don't understand." Alana breath out in frustration. Surprisingly, Alana is really bad at Religious Education.
"Why do you think god created us, the humans, on the last day. Not including the day he rested. There's not really a more simple way to put it." She groans and slams her book shut,
"Stupid religion... that's not even real... it's wasting... our bloody time." She mumbles random sentences under her breath as she takes stand.
"It's not hard. Why don't you just take your mind off it?" She walks out of the fast food place and I follow behind.

Kevin's POV

"Elder Cunningham! Please be serious. we haven't gotten one. Person to sign up for the church."
"But I am, mon ami." I eye him weirdly as he smiles up at me. "I heard it off a song!"
"Okay whatever. But seriously I'm getting really... un.... hopeful." My sentence slows down as I spot a woman who looks a little younger than me walking on the same path as us. She wore a precise school uniform with a catholic emblem on it. Her hair was up neatly in a plat wich curved down to rest on her shoulder. A heavy looking school backpack was slung around her shoulder but she still stood tall and assertive. I smile.
"Arnold. Let me do the talking for these two."
"But Elder, they look like they already have a Religion, I doubt they'd change it."
"Which means they believe." Soon enough their footsteps neared us, I grin wider as I catch their attention.
"Hello! My name is Elder Price! And I would like to share with you the most amazing book!" The girl on the left smiled.
"Hi, I'm Alana!" I shake hands with her. I look over to the other girl. She smiled a small smile at me.
"Well Y/N! And Alana, I have something truely life changing for you."
"Oh?" Y/N smiled wider.
"Have you ever felt forgotten? Or just like something was missing," they both nodded.
"Well look no further! Y-you see... me, a-and my friend here. H-have the answer!" I couldn't help but stare at Y/N her bright eyes staring in mine. Her big smile. Gosh how she even stopped and let me hear what I had to offer. She stared intently waiting patiently for my say. Arnold couldn't take it anymore. He jumped in the middle of the seen with the book in his hands.
Y/N and Alana squeaked at the sudden noise.
"Elder Cunningham! Please step back! Now!" I expected them to snicker and walk off but they didn't. They just laughed at the situation. I smile and regain my confidence. Arnold goes off to... well somewhere and I look back at the girls.
"That's quite a friend you have there." Y/N says laughing. "It'd be nice to have someone like that." She looks back up at me.
"Do you want my phone number? F-for!! Religious purpose.. of course!" She agrees and Alana gave me hers as well.

"Have a nice day!" She waves back at me.
"BUH BYE!" Arnold appears out of nowhere. "So, how'd it go?" I smile to myself.

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