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Jennie POV
I woke up early and I went to Lisa's room, when I knocked, she didn't answer again, then I open her door.

She's already left without a letter or text.

I went to Jisoo and Rosé room and Jisoo isn't awake, and her Girlfriend is already left too.

"Hey Jisooyah." I said while waking her up.

"Hmm, what's up Mandu." she said and smiled at me.

"Where's Rosé?" I asked.

"Oh, her friends invite her to hang out with them, why?" she asked.

"Oh, I thought she's with Lisa." I said and i felt sad.

"You guys had fight last night?" she asked.

"Yeah, and I think I pissed her off." I said.

"What's the reason  of your fight?" she asked.

"Being strict." I plainly said.

"Aish, you know Lisa is just protecting us from danger so she's being strict last night, don't worry mandu I'll talk to her." Jisoo said.

"Nah it's fine Jisooyah." I said and she nodded.

"Wait, let me call my baby Rosie." she said.

Jisoo POV
"Hey Baby Rosie." I said.

"Ahahaha, hey, why did you call me?" she asked. What a lovely woman ayiee.

"Um, if you saw Lisa somewhere can you tell us ASAP?" I said.

"Sure Baby." she said and ended.

"All done mandu." I said and she smiled.

"Why don't you prepare me an breakfast instead of looking my beauty?" I said and hit my right arm.

"Don't treat me like your personal maid." she said and roll her eyes on me.

I stand up and I went downstairs, I sit on the dining chair. While Jennie is cooking my phone suddenly rang.

I check who is it.

"Who is it?" Mandy asked.

"Rosie."i said and she nodded.

I answered the phone.

" Wh-" Rosé suddenly cut me off.

" I saw Lisa at the Thai Café. "she said.

"is she alone?" I asked.

"No, she's with an two hot guys, and I think those boys are famous coz a lot of girls getting crowd at the Thai café." she said.

"Boys?" I asked.

"Yes, BTW Lisa suits her outfit today, she became more hotter than last night." Rosie said and giggled.

"My baby rosieee, don't ever fall for that woman, she's already married remember?" I said and I fake crying.

"Lol, I know Baby, and don't get jealous, your the most hotter in my eyes...."she said.

"... Without clothes. "she whispered and that's make me blush.

" Aishh stop teasing me baby, BTW can you take some pictures on Lisa, closer? "I asked.

" Sure wait let me enter the Thai café. " she said.

" Wait let me ended this call baby, I'm going to send pictures later. "she said and ended it.

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