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Jungkook making his way downstairs before he spotted Jimin, sitting on the couch while watching a movie. Before Jimin could spin his head toward him, Jungkook quickens his walk to the kitchen, didn't mind to greet him.

Though Jimin saw him and he didn't mind at all then he turned his attention back to the television.

Jungkook, on the other hand, sitting on the dining table where Lisa's pancake had been served in the centre of the table. Before he could grab the plate, he turns to the doorway when Jimin made his entrance to the kitchen with an empty glass in his hand.

The kitchen was filled with an awkward silence.

After chugging a glass of water, Jimin put down the glass on the counter and made his way out of the kitchen, didn't mind to have a single conversation with Jungkook as if he's invisible for Jimin.

Staring at Jimin sudden attitude, Jungkook just shrugged it off and continued what he's about to do.


Lisa, Namjoo, and Jihyun walked inside the medium-small auditorium where a few of their relatives and the locals were in.

Sitting in the front row of the hall, Lisa took a seat next to Namjoo and Jihyun.

While waiting for the performance to begin, Lisa takes off her coat and about to place it next to her seat when Rosé came out of nowhere. "Oh, hi, Lisa". Rosé greeted her as soon as she about to sit next to Lisa.

"Um... Rosé, right?". Lisa asked and Rosé nodded. "Come have a sit".

After Rosé took a sit next to her, Lisa started. "I thought you didn't come".

"Well, today is a lady's day out and Namjoo told me that, it's better if I'm joining you guys too". She said, earning a small smile from Lisa.

When the performance about to start, the Auditorium stage curtain flew open where Lisa saw a good-looking man under the spotlight, sitting at the piano. He bows to the audience before he starts his performance.

While observing the man on the stage, Rosé interrupts. "His name is Min Yoongi. Jungkook's second cousin, just in case you wanna little bit info". She explained, adjusting her seat. Lisa slightly nodded her head to Rosé then turned her attention back on the stage.

Giving him the last applause, Yoongi starts gliding his finger over the key and his body swiftly swaying as if the music seeped into his body and slowly through his veins.

Lisa, on the other hand, astonished with him and the music he played. "How are you feeling, Lisa?". Namjoo askes, who sits next to her.

"He's so amazing". She mumbled and her attention remained on Yoongi.

After a few minutes later, Yoongi has ended the performance with a bowed and earning big applause from the audience in this hall.

"Isn't he amazing, Lisa?". Rosé asked, causing her voice drowned by the big applause.

"Yes, he is!". Lisa shouted, earning chuckles from Rosé.

When the applause has ended, the host came forward after the curtain had shut. "I would like to say, thank you to my friend, Min Yoongi for giving us such an amazing performance and the music you shared today. And please, give him last big applause!". The host stated and everyone also did what they had told. "And also we have one performance left. Please welcome, Jung Hoseok!". The host announced, earning big applause.

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