The Look The Tale The Fall

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'He's looking at you, again.' Hermione whispered in my ear before taking another bite out of her grilled cheese sand which. I looked at her lunch compared to my chocolate cake and brownies. When I had piled my food onto my plate Hermione was quick to scold me and tell me how bad sugar is for your teeth, her parents being dentists and all.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Looking at me again? Who's looking at me again?

Hermione dramatically sighed when she saw I didn't understand what she meant.

She ever so slightly nodded her head in the direction of the Slytherin table.

I looked over my shoulder to see that the 'he' that Hermione was talking about was the blonde haired git.


When he saw me looking back he smirked at me.

I scowled back. That git had the nerve to smirk at me!

With a huff I turned back around as I flicked my hair over my shoulder.

I angrily stabbed my fork into my chocolate cake. Again. And again. And again.

'What's wrong Brooke?' Harry asked warily as he watched me stab my cake.

'Malfoy,' I muttered. Hermione and Harry exchanged a look.

'Don't let the cake suffer because of Malfoy.' Ron said before taking another bite out of his cake. I sighed before attempting to scoop some cake onto my fork which was extremely difficult.

'Are you still mad about what happened yesterday?' Harry asked softly. I scowled remembering what happened yesterday.


'Aw Pottey finally got himself a girl.' A voice mocked from behind us.

We both sprung apart and turned around to see the git with blonde hair.

'What do you want Malfoy.' I asked coldly.

'Who says I want something?' Malfoy asked with his signature smirk in place.

'Okay good, if you don't want anything we will go then. C'mon Harry,' I said grabbing Harry's wrist and walking away.

'I just wanted to say I got a really cool letter from my parents. What did your parents get you Harry? Oh wait I forgot they're dead. Sorry.' The unmistakable voice of Malfoy said cruelly from behind.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Harry looked at my worriedly before tugging at my wrist hoping to get me walking forward again.

'Don't do anything. It doesn't matter what he says, let's just go.' Harry insisted before tugging at my wrist hoping to get me moving again.

Ignoring him I whipped around and glared at Malfoy.

'What d-did you say?' I ask stuttering from my anger. Of course Malfoy mistook my stutter as being scared.

'Just reminding Harry of his folks in the sky.' Malfoy replied confidently.

I was about to unleash my rage on him when Harry spun me around, the worry evident on his face.

'Please ignore him, it honestly doesn't bother me.' Harry pleaded. I sighed before turning back around to Malfoy.

'Why must you make it your job to try and make our lives miserable? Because I think Snape already took that job.' I snapped before quickly walking off with Harry jogging to keep up.

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