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hi hi its erin

as i've said before, i cant rant and i cant name them either so 💀

anyways, rant.

so tbh, i don't really like ashannie. like dont come @ me because its my opinion and everyone has different opinions. hannie held and will always hold a special place in my heart. after the hannie shit went down, so many people left hayden's fandom but i stayed by his side. ( not literally but thats not the point ). i love hayden to pieces and hate seeing him being hated on. once as i was scrolling through the comments on john's tik tok which he had posted with hayden and gus, someone had commented "i enjoyed this before hayden came in" and it broke my heart. hayden is a human being too! he has feelings! have you ever thought of that? hes literally so precious and i can say i met him! like for all u ashannie stans out there who hate hannie and hayden, what if was ashannie that happened first and asher did the things hayden apparently did? what if like i do with hannie, what if you still shipped ashannie and annie had already moved on with hayden? how would you feel seeing asher get hated on? thats how i feel about hayden. hannie and jenzie were my everything. they owned my heart. when i found out that annie and hayden had broken up, i felt as if a piece of my heart broke. i cried for hours knowing that i might never see my two precious babies together again. and im sure all the ashannie shippers would feel the same way. and dont even get me started on the shade annie started throwing through her songs. they're catchy songs but not even annie can deny that she did love him at one point of her life. she had entirely pushed him out of her life and now she wont even say his name.

we know hayden still cares about her because he posted a birthday post for her but annie didnt post one on his birthday. we get it annie, you dont like him anymore. but the least you could do was say happy birthday to him! hayden made her happy for almost two years. true, the way hayden showed his affection for annie could never compare to the way asher showed it but he still made her happy and she acts like he didnt and that he never existed. like i honestly swear, if asher carries annie through the fountains at city walk like hayden did, im going to kill someone no joke. watching hayden carry annie through the fountains melted my heart. they looked so happy. i still remember when everytime my mom, my friend, and i would walk past the fountains at city walk i would aggressively tap my mom's shoulder saying, "mom! hayden summerall and annie leblanc were here!" and i still do it every time. i remember they used to support each other, wear each other's merch, hold hands on stage, hug each other all the time, and how no matter what, hayden was always the lead boy in her music videos. y'all actually dont know how hard im crying right now. i just miss them so much! like seriously, can they just hang out once? just once?

fun fact: this all came to me because i watched a video of hayden hugging tegan marie.

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