Part 13- love is in the air

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Your POV:

Me, Finn and Lou sit in the car. Lou is showing Finn some dank memes on instagram while I look through my snapchat. Their enjoying their selfs which is good. Then I get a text from my ex Ryan.
(Made up character again)

ryan: hey y/n I miss you

me: oh uh thanks?

ryan: you talkin to anyone?

me: yeah actually but I know someone who's single

ryan: nah thanks i'll just ask Layla

me: k bye

I sight a click my phone off. I hate Ryan he only wanted me for my body. Finn wouldn't though he's different. I actually like him back too. I can't believe we're dating. After we get to the fair, which doesn't take long, then we get our tickets for free cause Finn is an actor. Hell ye

We first decide to go on the roller coaster. The 3 of us fit in the cart, I was sat in the middle of them. Why do I feel a weird tension? I just brush it off and enjoy the day.

The ride starts and when we start going up a hill. I yelp and hold onto Finns arm. "Aweeee" is all we hear from Lou. "It's okay I'll protect you princess" he speaks soothingly. He puts an arm around me. "Aweeeee" Lou says again. I giggle and put my arms up and squeal, Lou does the same. On the second hill Finn joins us with the hand that isn't around me but he has a voice break. We all burst into laughter and the ride ends soon. We go on the 'washing machine' and I feel like I'm going to fall. Finn holds my hand to keep me calm and we smile at each other. After a few more rides we decide to get some food. I got some fries and candy floss (cotton candy). Finn got a burger and Louie got all the shit they could get but I don't judge. After that Lou found a love boat ride. They said they felt sick after all the food so me and Finn decided to go on together. We got Lou's normal line "aweee".

We get in and the small boat flows through the water. I feel Finns hand brush against mine and I blush lightly and I hold his. The boat ride is soothing. Me just thinking about how I'm dating the guy of my dreams. "Hey y/n?" He asks. "Yeah Finn?" I reply. Just as he leans in the ride ends and we get out.

(Time skip brought to you by Noah being fucking adorable)

After a long day Finn dropped us off at my house and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We went inside and ran upstairs giggling. I promised Lou I'd spill the tea so we're exited.

"Spill everything" Lou says exitedly. So I do. I say about Friday when we told each other we like each other. I said how we secretly flirt with each other. I told them everything about the love ride. I said everything. They just sat there staring in awe while my cheeks where hot pink the whole time.

'Finn 💋 is calling'
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Lou places the phone on my desk and I squeal and run onto my bed, hiding. "Omg that was so cute who did that" I hear from the phone. "It was y/n/n" Lou says. "No wonder it was cute, let me see your face you beautiful girl" Finn says. I blush deeply and hide under the covers. I hear the phone move and the sheets move. I see Finn with his glasses on and a black shirt. "Aww cutie" he smiles. I can't help but smile back, it's contagious. Louie lays next to me and shoves the phone in my hands "talk to your boyfriend!" They screech. "At least I have a boyfriend!" I screech back. They laugh and go on their phone. "You better not be playing brawl stars without me or I'll fucking beat you" I say sternly. "I'm noooooot now talk to your boyfriend" they say and starts scrolling through instagram.

After 4 hours of talking to Finn he falls asleep on the FaceTime. Aweee he's so cute. I take a couple screenshots and whisper "night finnie" and end the call.

I change into sweatpants and a grey shirt and cuddle with Lou while they make an edit. I fall asleep into a sweet slumber.

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