Chapter 3

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Chap. 3

   I watched Evilyn in the morning when she woke up.  She stretched and I saw

her walk to the bathroom, and come back five minutes later wrapped in a white

towel. I smiled to myself. She was extremely beautiful.

   Summoning up most of my power, I floated a small black dress in front of her.

She ghasped, and I could hear her heart rate speed up. She spun around an saw

me, sitting on her windowsill. She snatched the dress out of the air and stalked

over, throwing open the window. The towel unfortunately stayed put.

"You! You perverted, sneaking, dumb, conscienceless, vampire!" she leaned closed

with every word. I put a hand over her mouth. Se shuddered and leaned back, so

my hand rested instead against an invisible barrier.

"I think you should wear it." I grinned.

   Zane grinned at me. The anger left my body in a rush of breath as I sighed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, sitting on my window seat.

"I wanted to see you." it was nice to see him smile.

"I bet you were." I walked back to my closet and closed the doors as I pulled on

the dress. I opened the door and he gave me the sexy half smile.

"I think the red one would be better." he made it come to me from my closet. I

rolled my eyes and changed dresses in the closet again. I didn't know why I was

playing along with him. I pulled on black four inches before coming out. I

looked at him.

"Sexy." he read my mind. I sighed and pulled on my leather jacket.

"Okay." I muttered to myself.

"Aret you going to invite me in?" he asked. I turned to him.

"Okay, here's the thing. First time you meet me you call me a witch and throttle

me, your putting blood in my potatoes, and your basically stalking me. I've know

you for a whole of two days, and you've stepped way over the line." I put my

iPhone into my pocket.

"I wan to know about you. How do you know about us?" he asked.

"I dated one of you." I sighed, fingering my locket.

"He give you that?" he gestured to my necklace.

"No." my voice shook. "My mom gave it to me before she died."

"Why don't you humor me?"

"And do what?"

"Skip off school and we can go around the town. You can tell me about your Greek

relations and how you got to know about vampires."

"Étsi, gemáto to." I said.

"So full of it? You know your native tonge, too."

"My grandmother forced me to learn it."

"I bet."

"But in return for taking a day off of learning for you?"

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