The myth of weeping willows.

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(For one of my classes we had to write a myth with a goddess/god and I did this one. I want to know what you think. its about how the weeping willow tree came to be. so here it is....)

I was the child of the earth, actually the child of Gaia, the goddess of Earth, Was, not is.  I am no longer among the living in the world but still always with my mother.  I am trapped in the dirt and wood that smothered me.  The dirt and wood kept me in my grave.

I once was a Demi God, Son of a Goddess and son of a mortal man.  It made me powerful but I was still very much mortal.  I was nineteen when I met the girl of my dreams.  It was a girl that had been placed near me by my brother Cronus. Cronus hated all of us and especially me.  He felt I was unworthy of my mother's love since I was not a full God; since I was part mortal. Cronus knew that if there was a girl there would be more of a reason for him to get more love from our mother.

I let my guard down around this girl and she was my downfall.  I picked the girl up for our date one night.  It was the night I was going to propose to my dearest Elizabeth.  She, however, had other plans thanks to my brother. She led me to my death.  If I hadn't of fallen on the concrete and never touched a bit of the due that was upon the tips freshly mowed lawn from the afternoon before then, perhaps my mother may not have known what my destiny was becoming to be.  My hands fell in the dirt and my mother felt the life leave my body.  Not only did she feel me but she felt the touch of my killer as well.

My mother was tied to every element of the earth; trees, grass, bugs, soil, anything that had to with earth, she is there.  She found my killer, the girl I loved.  My Elizabeth realized she had been used by my own brother Cronus and was weeping uncontrollably when my mother found her. Gaia was not going to let a young girl's sadness keep her from exacting her revenge. Gaia Goddess of the Earth decided that Elizabeth would cry for me forever. The weeping willow tree, forever crying for its lost love, was formed. Its seeds or tears spread far across the world forever in remembrance of me.

[Hope you liked it. tell me your thoughts. -TheWayDreamersDream :3]

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