Part 2

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Dedicated to thefullmoonslover101

Omega's POV

Sigh. I've known that little Ethan is my mate for the past two years, but I know that he will never except me. And even if he did, his parents and the pack wouldn't accept us. And alpha and an omega? And two males at that? That's heresy! I love him, don't get me wrong, he's my mate! But I don't want to make him go through that. I've managed to restrain my last for him for two years, but now that he's seventeen... On touch and all my hard work will do down the toilet. I was planning to just avoid him as much as physically possible, but of course things won't work that way. Now I'm stick alone in the house with him for the rest of the night. I'm only a werewolf people! I only have so much self control! Not to mention the face that he's making! Ugh! I just want to jump him and tear off his clothes and pound into him so har- cough. Ok. Leaving. I turn around and walk farther into the house, leaving Ethan in the entrance room.

    "Hey!" He calls in a pouty voice. Oh Moon goddess, the things that this boy does to me. I turn around and nod for him to continue. He crosses his arms and huffs cutely.

    "Don't just leave me here!"

I can't help but smile behind my mask. He's just so cute! I nod again and he runs up to me with his soft brown hair bouncing all over.

    "Make me something to eat."

Right. He's still cute, just a little... demanding. I go into the kitchen and start whipping up a grilled cheese, which I know he loves. He sits down at the smaller table that's in the kitchen and watches me eagerly. Mmm, if he keeps looking at me like that... I set the plate with his sandwich on the table in front of him and he digs in. He's adorable even when when he's eating like a little piggy. When he finishes, I take his plate and start washing it. I pause in my cleaning to sniff the air. Something is off. Ethan looks at me then starts sniffing the air, too. Unfortunately for us, we don't realize what's off quite fast enough. The front door explodes inwards and rogues pour in. Some are still in human form, but there mostly in wolf form. The ones in human form quickly shift when they see Ethan and I. I don't think that they were expecting anyone to be here, but I don't think that they see the tiny little boy and omega as much of a threat either. One of them launches at Ethan and he freezes up. CRAP!! I reach out and grab his arm, pulling him to my chest and out of harms way. Sparks explode from where our bodies touch and he freezes even more. Yeah. He's gonna be useless in getting rid of five, eight, twelve, no thirteen rogues. Crap~~ I quickly take off my mask and shove it into Ethan unresponsive hands, then shift into my massive white wolf. They think they can try to hurt my mate? They've got another thing coming! I'm even bigger than the alpha of this pack. My size and the fury in my golden eyes gives them pause, but not for long. I snarls and they all launch at me. Good thing that I had intensive war training before I came to this pack... but i don't want to think about my old pack. I methodically take each wolf out, one by one. When I'm done with the chew toy rogues, I quickly turn to check on Ethan. He has slid down the kitchen wall so he is sitting on the floor and staring at me in shock with my mask clutched in his hands. I walk toward him and shift when I'm close enough to grab my mask at put it on. Fortunately, as a werewolf, our clothes shift with us. Don't ask me how, I don't know. Who does a human shift into a wolf and vise versa? So yeah, it would have been really awkward to be standing naked in front of him...

    "Y-you... You're my mate.... And your wolf is huge... But you're an omega... And a guy..." He whimpers.

I nod and hold out my hand to help him up. He accepts my offer and doesn't let go of my hand once he's standing.

    "Take of your mask." He whispers.

I freeze before slowly taking off my mask. He stares at me in shock again, with his lips slightly parted. What can I say? I'm good looking. But more importantly... I need to put some distance between Ethan and I before I attack him. He bites his lip and I can't help but zero in on the motion. He grins.

    "What's your name?"

I make a move to get a piece of paper, but he stops me.

    "Tell me."

I pause again,

    "Micah, my name is Micah."

He shivers at the sound of my voice and I simply can't hold back anymore. I bring my lips to his, relishing the sparks and fireworks that explode. He wraps his arms around my neck and I wrap mine around his waist, pulling him as close to me as possible. We make out for a solid hour, somehow managing to end up on the couch with him on top of me, not that I mind. I pulls back and lays on my chest.

    "Tell me about yourself. You probably know all there is to know about me, but I know nothing about you."

So I spend the rest of the night telling him everything there is to tell, there's nothing I would hide from my mate, until he falls asleep. I'm so luck that I have such a beautiful mate. But I know that the pack can't know about this, even if he does accept me. They would kick us out of the pack and I really don't want him to have to go through that. Losing your pack is painful.


CHAPTER TWO! so what do yall think? Ethan is kind of a brat, isn't he... And Micah is a sweetheart. What do you think will happen in the morning? Please please please comment!! And read my other story save me!! I luv ya!

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